Homer's Odyssey

May 26, 2012

It was hard to put down Homer's Odyssey by Gwen Cooper. Homer truly is a blind wonder cat. This was such a sweet story on a kitten that was blinded from an infection in the eyes, the infection left no other option then to have the eyes removed. And nobody seemed to want him. He is a cat that wouldn't let anything stop him from trying to do and be like any other normal cat.

Gwen has already had two other cats, and didn't want a third, but she was Homer's last chance and she took it. The story follows Gwen and Homer through eleven years of life together and of Gwen's other two cats as well.

Some parts actually seemed like my story a little bit. Gwen, right after college had to move back in with her parents to gain stable financial footing with her brood. I'm in the same spot in life and seeing how she did it and made it through, was very inspiring and encouraging to see that there is a light at the end of the tunnel, even if it take a little time to get there.

Through everything Gwen dealt with, Homer stayed constant. He was fearless and he knew no limits. He really is an amazing cat with a fun personality. It's easy to see why everyone who met him, fell instantly in love with him. Cat people and (only) dog people alike.

I say that this is a to read! If you love animals, cats or dogs, you will enjoy it.

Empress of the Seven Hills

May 23, 2012

I just finished reading Empress of the Seven Hills last night by Kate Quinn. One thing I will say is that this novel, really isn't a stand alone novel. This is a continuation of two other books that Kate Quinn has written. The first being Mistress of Rome and Daughter's of Rome. Daughter's of Rome was actually a prequel to Mistress of Rome and Empress of the Seven Hills is picks up after Mistress of Rome....Did you follow all of that?

It's been a while since I've read the other two books. Think back to when Border's was thriving. So, some of the things mentioned in this story left me a little confused since I couldn't remember some of the previous things mentioned.

The description of Rome during this time of Trajan and Hadrian is very well done. You can tell that Katie Quinn loves history and it shows in her story telling. The detail she applies to the story is very interesting. She does admit for this story, she did alter the time table to allow it to work for a character, but it wasn't drastic. She also portrays Rome, not in the romantic since, but in the way it was, the lack of morals that ran rampant in the city. Divorce happened a lot to further political pushes, black mail, bribery.

It was slow to get into reading this story however, since I had a hard time remembering the back-story of the characters, it wasn't till I was half way through did I finally feel invested in to the story. The time lapses did flow and wasn't choppy which was nice. Her previous two books, left me feeling like it was a Greek tragedy (though Roman), this one wasn't as much of a depressing read and actually left me wanting to know what will happen with a couple of these characters.

I'm on the fence about this book, since it did take me a while to get into it. It's a maybe.

The Serpent's Shadow

May 16, 2012

I finished The Serpent's Shadow by Rick Riordan a couple of nights ago. It's the third and final book in the Kane Chronicles. Since this is also a new book, I will try to keep the spoilers out of the post.

It was a very good read I will say. However, I should have read the first two books in the series to refresh my memory. These books have been spaced out to almost one a year for the last three years. So, it was a little difficult to remember the back ground and stories from the previous two books. I do like how Rick Riordan weaves his story with the ancient Egyptian myths of the gods into this series. There was quite a bit of mythology I had forgotten since I had studied this era. I loved how he was able to make it more understandable and fun for kids today.

As I said, this is the last of the series for the Kane Chronicles...that is the feeling I got at least from the ending, however, I don't think it is is the end of the Kane kids with the references he made to his other series Percy Jackson, vaguely at the end.

Since the first book, the siblings have grown and matured like a regular kids. Carter and Sadie Kane seem like normal siblings with their bickering and jabs toward each other, but not in a malice way. And the way that the book is presented (like the previous two), as a transcript by the siblings, make it seem a little more real to the reader and a little more fun.

I say that this is a to read. I enjoyed it, especially with the mythology base to it.


May 6, 2012

I finished Insurgent last night by Veronica Roth. I'm out of my reading funk! Yay! I read through this book in about 3 nights.

I have to say, I did enjoy Insurgent quite a bit. I think it was right on par with Divergent (A must read if you haven't read it all ready). I shall do my best to not spoil anything, since this is a new book.

Insurgent picks up right where Divergent left off. The story is all from Tris' point of view. Can I just say right now, how happy I am that there is not love triangle going on in these books. Tris is with Four/Tobias all throughout it. There is no pedestal that they put each other on. It's seems like a normal relationship between the two, with fighting included, and under the circumstances that they are in, that would be normal.

I was actually surprised at the twists in the book. One had me completely baffled and wanting this person hurt severely, especially after the weak excuse that was given by said person. The other left me wanting to know more and made me sad that it was the cliffhanger of the book. I'm ready to read the third installment now! This was not a cookie cutter story. Very fresh and enjoyable. And several of the characters in this story are actually complex and has me guessing about them and why they are the way they are.

Through out Insurgent, you finally get to see a little more detail to the rest of the factions in this area where Tris lives. In Divergent, you get to see where Beatrice/Tris grew up and then the faction she chose. You also are able to get a more in-depth knowledge of Tobias and more of his back story.

It has been pointed out on a few boards about some of the inaccuracies in the book (the hard back copies at least, the e-readers don't seem to have them), I did notice them, but when you're really into the story, it would be easy to skip over them. Ms. Roth actually talks about these on her blog, which I thought was really neat and explained what happened. If you want to read for yourself, here is the link... http://veronicarothbooks.blogspot.com/2012/05/errors-why-they-happen-how-to-better.html
It gave some pretty neat insight into the writing of Insurgent.

I enjoyed Insurgent and say it is a to read! I'm looking forward the the next installment and to finally have some answers. 

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