Waiting On Wednesday: Jerusalem's Queen

October 31, 2018

Waiting On Wednesday is a weekly feature that spotlights an up-and-coming release you are most excited about.

I really enjoy Biblical fiction. I find it fascinating and helps me to picture the scripture in a light that helps me to processes. When the story focuses on a person of the Bible of a time in the Bible that isn't as popular or well known, I gravitate to them all the more. When I saw this book pop up on soon to be published stories, I was really interested. The cover is gorgeous and unique. The story is one I don't have much knowledge on. I want to go research this time more.

Waiting On:
Title: Jerusalem's Queen
Author: Angela Hunt
Publisher: Bethany House
Publication Date: November 6th, 2018

About the Book:
Born in the small village of Modein, a town made famous by the warrior Maccabees, Salome Alexandra knows better than to harbor grand dreams for her future. She pales in comparison to her beautiful older sister, and though she learns to read at an early age, girls are not valued for their intellectual ability. But when her father and sister are killed, John Hyrcanus, a distant relative, invites Salome and her mother to live with his family in Jerusalem, where her thirst for knowledge is noticed and indulged.

When her guardian betroths her to a pagan prince, she questions HaShem's plan. When Hyrcanus finally marries her to a boy half her age, she questions her guardian's sanity. But though Salome spends much of her life as a pawn ordered about by powerful men, she learns that a woman committed to HaShem can change the world.

What are you waiting on this week?
Anything recently announced capture your attention?
Anything you are just counting down the days to?

Top Ten Tuesday: Spooky Fun Reads

October 30, 2018

Top Ten Tuesday is a meme hosted by The Artsy Read Girl.
Each week features a book related topic to spotlight your Top Ten.

Spooky Fun Reads for Halloween

Halloween is tomorrow. I'm not a big fan of the day, but I love the candy and some of the spooky fun. I have found some fun stories that I think are perfect for this time of year. 

 Storm Siren Trilogy by Mary Weber
This series is one that has so many amazing elements. It has surprise and some interesting characters and creatures involved.

 The Promise by Beth Wiseman
This is a contemporary suspense book. To me, what makes this a good fit for this time of year, is that it is based on a real life incident and that makes it very creepy. The real life aspect to me the one is the scary aspect.

Ok, I featured this title last week...however, this gothic series and the villain really make this a perfect set of books to read right now. It has a dark setting and very dynamic characters. 

 Gilt Hollow by Lorie Langdon
This is a fantastic YA. It has a mix of mystery, suspense, and a bit of a dark setting. It is a book that is perfect for this season. 

Contemporary Suspense/ Dani Pettrey
You really can not skip over a good suspense during Halloween time. A good suspense mixed with mystery. I love a good story that keeps you guessing.

What are your top picks for this time of year?
Are you into spooky books, or just fun stories?
Have many plans for Halloween?

It's Monday, What Are You Reading?

October 29, 2018

It's Monday, What Are You Reading is a weekly meme hosted by Book Date
Each week offer the opportunity to to spotlight what you're reading and what you just finished reading.

Currently Reading:
The Crescent Stone by Matt Mikalatos
This has been a very interesting and fun read! Can't wait to share about it. 

Reading Next:
Mark of the Raven by Morgan L. Busse
I'm really looking forward to diving into this one!

What are you reading this week?
Anything new and interesting? Or older and a favorite?

Waiting On Wednesday: The Warrior Maiden

October 24, 2018

Waiting On Wednesday is a weekly feature that spotlights an up-and-coming release you are most excited about.

I love a good fairy tale retelling. They are fun and can put an amazing spin on an already well known story. Melanie Dickerson has been come an absolute favorite of mine when it comes fairy tale retelling. She has touched on many well known stories, Beauty and the Beast, Snow Cinderella, Rapunzel. Her soon to be released story, will be all about Mulan. I honestly can't wait to read it.

Title: The Warrior Maiden
Author: Melanie Dickerson
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
Publication Date: February 5th, 2019

About the Book:
From New York Times bestselling author Melanie Dickerson comes a fresh reimagining of the classic Mulan tale.

Mulan isn’t afraid to pretend to be a son and assume her father’s soldier duties in war. But what happens when the handsome son of a duke discovers her secret?

Mulan is trying to resign herself to marrying the village butcher for the good of her family, but her adventurous spirit just can’t stand the thought. At the last minute, she pretends to be the son her father never had, assumes his duties as a soldier, and rides off to join the fight to protect the castle of her liege lord’s ally from the besieging Teutonic Knights.

Wolfgang and his brother Steffan leave Hagenheim with several other soldiers to help their father’s ally in Poland. When they arrive, Wolfgang is exasperated by the young soldier Mikolai who seems to either always be one step away from disaster . . . or showing Wolfgang up in embarrassing ways.

When Wolfgang discovers his former rival and reluctant friend Mikolai is actually a girl, he is determined to protect her. But battle is a dangerous place where anything can happen—and usually does.

When Mulan receives word that her mother has been accused of practicing witchcraft through her healing herbs and skills, Mulan’s only thought is of defending her. Will she be able to trust Wolfgang to help? Or will sacrificing her own life be the only way to save her mother?

What are you waiting on this week?
Any new fiction? YA?

Top Ten Tuesday: Villains

October 23, 2018

Top Ten Tuesday is a meme hosted by The Artsy Read Girl.
Each week features a book related topic to spotlight your Top Ten.
This is a fun topic! 
There are some good villains that have just stood out to me and have left an impression. Or the writing had me thinking on thing and my thoughts were switched by the end.

Ok, if you have read this story you may be asking, "Why?" Because I loved how through out this story I'm thinking one thing, but by the end, I'm thinking something else. I loved the change of thought and how it all came together!

Sarah Sundin focuses on WW2, that alone is a setting of many kinds of villains and bad things. However, she weaves in very strong and unique characters. They face their own adversaries in others, but sometimes, their biggest enemy is on that is in them. 

 The Knight and the Dove by Lori Wick
This is an older story, one I read years and years ago. This villain is one that drove me insane. Her actions and her thoughts set my teeth on edge. I still remember it to this day.

 Storm Siren by Mary Weber
This is book one of a three book series....however, I'm focusing on this one alone, because...the last chapter people, oh my goodness. This one was a villain that you know something is going to happen, but you have no idea!

 The Price of Privilege Series by Jessica Dotta
I honestly don't think I have read another villain that has been any more complex then Mr. Macy. His intensity is one that grows and grows. When you finally figure him out, you will be left speechless. I'm still processing this series. It is one that has stuck with me for year. 

The Lone Star Legacy by Judith Pella
This is another older series. It is one that left an impression and I still remember being angry at what this villain has done and his plans for what he wants to do. It's been a while since I've read these books, I may need to go back and re-read them. 

What are your top villain picks for the week?
Any that have left you emotionally stricken? 

It's Monday, What Are You Reading?

October 22, 2018

It's Monday, What Are You Reading is a weekly meme hosted by Book Date
Each week offer the opportunity to to spotlight what you're reading and what you just finished reading.

Finished Reading:
Shelter of the Most High by Connilyn Cossette

Currently Reading:

 The Crescent Stone by Matt Mikalots

Reading Next:

 Sons of Blackbird Mountain by Joanne Bischof
Hidden Among the Stars by Melanie Dobson

I started reading Sons of Blackbird Mountain, however some review books came along and I had to set it aside. I'm in the midst of The Crescent Stone and it is really interesting.

What are you reading right now?
Anything capture your attention?

The Seven Trilogy by Sara Davison Tour Blitz

October 20, 2018

The  Seven  Trilogy

We are celebrating these gorgeous new covers for the Seven trilogy by Sara Davison, with a blog blitz and giveaway hosted by JustRead Publicity Tours!


The  End  Begins  -  

final  cover Title: The End Begins (Seven Trilogy #1)
Author: Sara Davison Publisher:
Ashberry Lane/WhiteFire Publishing
Romantic Suspense

One of them is a prisoner and one of them is free. The same one.

Bookstore owner Meryn O’Reilly and Army Captain Jesse Christensen are on opposite sides of a battle. When martial law is declared, Jesse and his platoon are sent to Meryn’s city to keep an eye on the Christians and make sure they are not stepping outside of the confines of the law.

Fiery and quick-tempered, Meryn chafes under the curfew and other restrictions to her freedom. Jesse is equally amused, intrigued, and terrified by her spirit, knowing she could find herself in prison if she shows defiance to the wrong soldier.

His worst fears are realized when she commits a crime he cannot protect her from. Now they both face an uncertain future, and the very real threat of losing everything, including their lives. With time running out, Jesse works feverishly to convince the authorities to show leniency to Meryn. And to convince her that love can overcome any barrier that lies between them.  

“Caleb.” Jesse ground out the word. “If you want to live to see another day, you will not finish that sentence.” His fists clenched. Caleb had a couple of inches and about thirty pounds on him, but Jesse figured he had in his favour the fact that he was spitting mad at the moment.

His friend didn’t finish the sentence, just looked at him and then exhaled loudly. “You’d really do it, wouldn’t you?”


“Take a swing at me.”

“Say one more word about how beautiful she is or how good the two of you would be together and you’ll find out.”

“Jess. You know I would never, in a million years, go after a woman you were interested in, don’t you?”

The muscles across his shoulders relaxed slightly. “So what, you were messing with me?”

“I’d never do that either.”

Jesse cocked his head.

Caleb grinned. “Okay, I would do that. But that’s not what I was doing now.”

“Then what?”

“I was assessing the situation to see how much trouble you’re in here.”

“And?” Jesse’s knees felt suddenly weak, and he walked over to the table and sank down onto one of the red, padded chairs.

Caleb’s grin faded. “You’re in a lot of trouble.”

PURCHASE: Goodreads | Amazon

The  Darkness  

Deepens  1  (1) Title: The Darkness Deepens (Seven Trilogy #2)  
Author: Sara Davison
Publisher: Ashberry Lane/WhiteFire Publishing
Genre: Romantic Suspense

(formerly The Dragon Roars)

Their Secrets Protect Them ... But Secrets are Hard to Keep

No one in the army can find out that Captain Jesse Christensen has become a believer. He and bookstore owner Meryn O’Reilly are forced to meet in secret, facing imprisonment or worse if they are found together. Their relationship deepens, but so does Lieutenant Gallagher ’ s hatred for the Christians in their city. As Gallagher ’ s power grows, it becomes clear that his connections go much further up the chain of command than anyone realized, putting all believers, especially Jesse, in extreme danger.

Meryn wants to give her heart to Jesse fully, but her past holds her back. Although circumstances conspire to keep her silent, she needs to tell him her secret. When he finds out what she has been keeping from him, nothing will stand between them anymore. Or nothing will ever be the same. 
 PURCHASE: Goodreads | Amazon

The  Morning  Star  

Rises  flaming  books  LA Title: The Morning Star Rises (Seven Trilogy #3)  
Author: Sara Davison  
Publisher: Ashberry Lane/WhiteFire Publishing  
Genre: Romantic Suspense

In the Midst of all the Fear and Confusion, Only One Thing is Clear ... This Isn’t Over Yet

Jesse Christensen is out of the army, but the real battle has just begun. Major Gallagher has taken over the city and his oppression of believers has intensified. But is Gallagher acting in a professional capacity, or is he carrying out a personal vendetta?

Meryn O’Reilly faces a dark and uncertain future after shocking revelations devastate her life. She is determined to follow God’s call, but her plans could cost her everything. She and Jesse struggle to surrender fully to a God who is always in control, even when circumstances suggest otherwise.

With the world descending into chaos around them, Meryn and Jesse face the greatest barrier to their love yet — a barrier that may prove too strong to breach.

PURCHASE: Goodreads | Amazon


Sara  Davison  -  headshot  1

Sara Davison is the author of the romantic suspense novels The Watcher and The Seven Trilogy. She has been a finalist for eight national writing awards, including the Word Award for Best New Canadian Christian author, a Carol, and two Daphne duMaurier Awards, and is a Word and Cascade Award winner. Sara has a degree in English Literature and currently resides in Ontario, Canada with her husband Michael and their three children, all of whom she (literally) looks up to.  

CONNECT WITH SARA: website | Facebook | Twitter</ a>

the  seven  trilogy  blitz  giveaway

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Bookish Road Trip: Boston, MA Stop 6

October 19, 2018

For 2 weeks this summer, I was on the road and it was amazing!We drove and drove and drove, but when we stopped, we got to see so many wonderful places. I thought it would be fun for the next few weeks to share about the places we visited and the books that matched up with the these places.

Boston for us was the halfway point of the trip this summer, but to me it was the highlight. I loved Boston! It was so much fun. It was mix of old and new. The history of the Revolutionary War and Dunkin' Donuts. I mean really, you can go wrong with that! 

We spent a couple of days in Boston, I could have spent more time, it was fabulous! The food, the sights...it was all awesome to me. 

Hope Undaunted by Julie Lessman
A Heart Revealed by Julie Lessman
Against the Tide by Elizabeth Camden

I loved Against the Tide. It was fantastic story all set against the backdrop of Boston. It was a book that hooked me on Elizabeth Camden's writing. 
I have had Julie Lessman's series sitting on my TBR shelf for a while. I have heard amazing things of this family series set against Boston, and I can't wait to read them!

II had to keep myself under control in buying things in Boston, these are just the 2 books we picked up. I did buy a couple of books for my brother, he loves Boston. If you ever go, I really recommended The Complete Guide to the Freedom Trail. It had some great information for every stop along it, with the history of the places listed. 

My kiddo ended up getting the most souvenirs from Boston, so many things! Shirts, hats, mugs, stuffed animals, it's a good thing we drove, it would have been hard to fly back with it all. 

 The first day in Boston, we toured the North End and started the Freedom Trail. Seeing America's oldest neighborhood was just fantastic. I loved the buildings there. I took a lot  of pictures there. There is nothing like this where I love. 

 One of the first visits on the Freedom Trail was a historic grave yard. It was well maintained and had some very old tombstones. Across the street was the fun little building.

 We got to make it to the Old North Church on the First Day and saw a lot of the sights around it. 
Including the Paul Revere statue which is just behind the Church. 

And we stopped at Mike's Pastry.
If you ever go, you need to stop here!!

We walked the whole Freedom Trail. The history and the stories along the way were really interesting. There was was small part I was really bummed about. The Old Corner Bookstore has been turned into a Chipotle....I gave it some series side eye. It didn't fit at all. 

It was close to the 4th of July. It was busy, but not crazy. The weather was the best and I honestly was sad when I left this city. 

 Had to see an old Tavern while we were there. It is history and all. ;-)

I haven't been as consistent with this feature as I had hoped, but I do have more stop to show. Hopefully next week, but if I skip a week, it's ok. It works well with Thanksgiving. 

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