Love Saves the Day

January 25, 2013

I've been looking forward to Love Saves the Day by Gwen Cooper since I first heard about it on Facebook. Gwen Cooper is the author who wrote Homer's Odyssey: A Fearless Feline Tale. I just loved Homer and couldn't wait to read this tale of Prudence. Love Saves the Day is a novel, not a biography like Homer.

I really enjoyed reading this. It's main perspective is from the cat Prudence, who's life is just thrown upside down when her person, Sarah, doesn't come home one day. Instead, Sarah's daughter Laura shows up with her husband Josh. They pack up Sarah's things and Prudence and head to their apartment in a another part of New York. To fill in the gaps that Prudence doesn't know, we are able to see things through Sarah's eyes in the past and Laura's.

It is a really touching story, not just about it being about a cat, but about growing up, learning, moving on from hurt in the past. It was also a tear filled story for me in parts. I'm still a little emotional from having put down one of my rescue kittens, Sadie a week ago. She had an injury to her cerebellum in her brain and nothing could be done. So, there were two parts in the story that just had me bawling, hoping for the best. Even with the crying, I did enjoy Love Saves the Day, to read!

I also wanted to say, that I admire the author and her work with disabled cats. All animals need love and I think it is wonderful how Ms. Cooper does her best to help these cats.

Day of War

January 21, 2013

I came across Day of War by Cliff Graham while browsing the book store. The cover caught my attention and decided to give it a try. I knew nothing about this book, but I'm glad I picked it up.

Day of War is set during the time of David, from the Old Testament, after he slayed Goliath, but before he became king. I didn't know much about David during his time on the run from King Saul. I knew there are many Psalms out from his laments during that time, but I had no idea the military campaign he was in during that time, nor the fact he had a band of hardened warriors who fought with him. The elite special forces of the time. There are only two chapters in the whole Bible for these men. It was very interesting reading on something I didn't know much about. I really want to research this time more.

Day of War was a very fast read. There was a lot of action that just kept you in the story. And as the author notes, this book isn't any bloodier then the Bible itself is. So, if your interested in reading it, just know that there is war and some description of war during the time and the injuries that were inflected on the battle field. This is a to read! I'm looking forward to picking up the second book.

Beneath A Dakota Cross

January 14, 2013

I finished Beneath A Dakota Cross by Stephen Bly a few days ago, however, due to some personal things going on, I haven't been able to post, thankfully now I can.

I am a big fan of books by Stephen Bly. There is action, humor, faith, and very touching moments. Beneath A Dakota Cross is the first book in the Fortunes of the Black Hills series. We're introduced to Henry 'Brazos' Fortune, the patriarch of the family who is dealing with many changes in his life as he packs up and heads out of Texas after the Civil War. He has his littlest daughter Dacie June to worry about, and his oldest son who doesn't understand his decision, his second son is on the run from the law in Indian Territory in Oklahoma, and his youngest son in the Army. His wife, the love of his life, has passed on and his two twin daughters as well. It's been a rough life and he feels a calling to settle in a land under a cross, wherever it might be.

Getting to that, is a lot of work and hardships, along with worry for his daughter he left behind with family. Brazos relies on God and loves his family to the best of his ability even through all the hardships. It's a to read and a very good set up for the next books in the series.

The Duck Commander Family

January 4, 2013

The Duck Commander Family by Willie & Korie Robertson W/ Mark Schlabach is the book I've been wanting to read for a while.

I love the show Duck Dynasty on A&E. They are the best family on TV right now. They are respectful, loving, and uplifting. It's always a good night when we watch them. So, when I found out they had a book out, I had to read it.

I blew through this book in about a day. It was an enjoyable book, and like the show, uplifting. Every chapter started with a Bible verse, several of them are my favorite and ended with one of the Robertson's favorite recipes. Some of them look really good and the others, I will have to say, I will be thrown into the yuppie catagory for steering around. That isn't the best part of the book however, the best part of the book is the constant glorification of God and His hand in all of their lives.

I didn't know a whole lot about this family except for what I've seen on the show. Just from the show, I knew that they were family oriented and Christians. The book opened up their story further and spoke how the family was brought to Christ with a rough start with the family. God was with them and this book was such a wonderful testament to their walk with God with a lot of fun clean humor. This is a to read! 

2013...New Year, New Goal

January 2, 2013

It is now officially January 2nd. It's crazy how quickly time is going right now.

It's time to start my new goal for the year. I thought about 50 again, however I was talking with a friend and she is upping her goal and pushed me into upping my goal by just a little. So this year, I'm striving for 55! I've already looked around and there are 6 books that have already caught my interest to read this year. All new. Some have just come out and some will be coming out a little later this year and I can not wait! One in particular, I have been waiting on for 4 years! It's so hard to wait that long, but in the end, so worth it!! I'll make sure to let y'all know which one it is when it is out.

I'm already planning out my calender for when the books are due out and making a list of other books that are out that I want to get. I have so many lists in so many places, it is bad. My calender, my phone, and miscellaneous scraps of paper floating around...anyway, I'm looking forward to this year reading and all the new and hopefully wonderful new worlds it will bring!

I will say that every year, there is a series or two that I just love to reread for the heck of it. When that happens, I'll just refer a link to the previous review and keep on going. Short and sweet.

Happy Reading to everyone!

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