Blog Tour: Hope Amid the Pain by Leslie L. McKee (JustRead Tour & Giveaway)

December 17, 2021

Hope Amid the Pain JustRead Blog Tour

Welcome to the Blog Tour for Hope Amid the Pain by Leslie L. McKee, hosted by JustRead Publicity Tours!


Hope Amid the Pain
Title: Hope Amid the Pain 
Author: Leslie L. McKee 
Publisher: Ambassador International 
Release DateOctober 26, 2021 
Genre: Devotional / Christian / Chronic Illness 

Why me? Is God punishing me? Is my faith not strong enough for God to heal me? How can I achieve my dreams? What’s my purpose? 

If you’re someone living with a chronic illness or chronic pain, these are just a few of the questions you’ve likely asked on more than one occasion. You may feel overlooked or even resentful. You try to stay positive, but some days it’s hard. It’s natural to feel this way and grieve, but it’s still possible to have a hope-filled life. God has a purpose for the pain. 

Christians aren’t immune from pain and illness, but we don’t have to go through it alone. Jesus promised that He would “never leave you nor forsake you” (Deuteronomy 31:6 NIV). 

Millions of women suffering from chronic pain and illness want the reassurance they’re not alone. The devotions in HOPE Amid the Pain are written by a chronic pain warrior with over twenty-five years’ experience and will point the reader to hope and encouragement. It’s possible to Hang On to Positive Expectations (HOPE) even amid the pain. 

Blog Blitz: Their Yuletide Healing by Mindy Obenhaus (JustRead Tours & Giveaway)

December 2, 2021

Their Yuletide Healing JustRead Blog Blitz 

Welcome to the Blog Blitz for Their Yuletide Healing by Mindy Obenhaus, hosted by JustRead Publicity Tours!


Their Yuletide Healing Title: Their Yuletide Healing 
Series: Bliss, Texas 
Author: Mindy Obenhaus 
Publisher: Love Inspired 
Release Date: November 30, 2021 
Genre: Christian Contemporary Romance 

As her plans unravel, can she give her children what they truly need? 

Foster mom Rae Girard’s determined to make her children’s first Christmas with her the best they’ve ever had—and she’s shocked when the town scrooge, attorney Cole Heinsohn, offers to pitch in. Rae’s young charges have melted Cole’s heart, and he wants them to experience the special day he never had. But when disaster strikes, an imperfect holiday might bring them something better: a family…

Blog Tour: Right Here Waiting by Michelle Sass Aleckson presented by Susan May Warren (JustRead Tours & Giveaway)

November 11, 2021

Right Here Waiting JustRead Blog + Review Tour

Welcome to the Blog + Review Tour for Right Here Waiting by Michelle Sass Aleckson presented by Susan May Warren, hosted by JustRead Publicity Tours!


Right Here Waiting

Title: Right Here Waiting
Series: Deep Haven Collection #6
Author: Michelle Sass Aleckson presented by Susan May Warren
Publisher: Sunrise Publishing
Release Date: November 9, 2021
Genre: Christian Contemporary Romance

She doesn’t belong in his world—but she’s determined to try.

Sled dog musher and outdoor adventurer Nick Dahlquist doesn’t mean to be a loner—he just feels at home in the woods, with his dogs, and online in his vlogging world, where he’s amassed nearly a million viewers. But he’s just a simple guy, with simple goals—care for his dogs, teach people how to survive the cold, and run the Iditarod. Unfortunately, life turns cold when his lead dog is injured, and he’s low on funds. Good thing he has LadyJHawk to chat with. She’s become an online friend he can turn to, and he’s starting to need her more than he’d like to admit. But the last thing he wants is for some random woman to show up on his doorstep… 

Chopper pilot and Texas gal Jae Lynn Washington has been following Nick’s DogQuest videos and Get Lost in the Woods vlogs since she inherited her deceased boyfriend’s military working dog. Three years later, his online friendship has made her wonder if he could be more than a friend. What if she moved to Deep Haven? Would that be considered stalking, even if she got a bonafide job on the Crisis Response Team? 

When Jae shows up in Deep Haven—and on Nick’s doorstep—he’s not at all the man she met online. And when Nick is tapped to train the team, he’s pretty sure petite, summer-loving Jae won’t last a moment in the brutal cold—a fear he pours out to LadyJHawk. As their training takes a personal turn, their chilly start begins to thaw. But what will happen if he discovers that Jae and LadyJHawk are one and the same? 

When a blizzard strikes, and the CRT is called out into the storm, more than just their relationship is at risk… 

Cozy up to this delightful twist on You’ve Got Mail set in the snowy escape of Deep Haven. 

A View Most Glorious, American Wonders Collection Series by Regina Scott (Prism Book Tours & Giveaway)

November 10, 2021

On Tour with Prism Book Tours

Regina is celebrating the end of her American Wonders Collection series
with a huge giveaway! Check out her note, series, and giveaway below.

Note from the Author

I’m so excited for the conclusion of my American Wonders series! I have always loved the wonder and majesty of our national parks, in part because my father introduced me to them. He would have been tickled with A View Most Glorious, set on Mt. Rainier, because that was his mountain. We hiked or camped on it nearly every weekend when I was growing up, and I live 45 minutes from the gates of the national park today. In celebration of the release of this third volume, I’m delighted to offer this prize pack, with each of the books in the series in paperback, a collection of nine vintage-style postcards from the parks featured (the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, and Mt. Rainier), and a poster that speaks to the heart of the story: The best view comes after the hardest climb. May all your views be glorious!


A View Most Glorious
(American Wonders Collection #3)
By Regina Scott
Christian Historical Romance
Paperback, E-book & Audiobook, 368 Pages
October 5, 2021 by Revell

Reluctant socialite Coraline Baxter longs to live a life of significance and leave her mark on the world. When her local suffragette group asks her to climb Mount Rainier to raise awareness of their cause, she jumps at the chance, even though she has absolutely no climbing experience. If she can do it, any woman can do it. And after her mother issues an ultimatum--that Cora marry the man of her mother's choosing if she is not successful--Cora must do it. But she can't do it alone.

Noted mountain guide Nathan Hardee initially refuses to help Cora, but has a change of heart when he sees what is at stake. He knows enough about the man Cora's mother has chosen to know that the headstrong young woman should have nothing to do with him, much less marry him.

Climbing Rainier will require all of Cora's fortitude and will lead her and Nathan to rediscover their faith in God and humanity. These two loners make unlikely partners in righting a wrong and may just discover that only together is the view most glorious.

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Other Books in the Series

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About the Author

Regina Scott started writing novels in the third grade. Thankfully for literature as we know it, she didn’t sell her first novel until she learned a bit more about writing. Since her first book was published, her stories have traveled the globe, with translations in many languages, including Dutch, German, Italian, and Portuguese. She now has had published more than fifty works of warm, witty historical romance. Regina Scott and her husband of more than 30 years reside in the Puget Sound area of Washington State on the way to Mt. Rainier. She has dressed as a Regency dandy, learned to fence, driven four-in-hand, and sailed on a tall ship, all in the name of research, of course. Learn more about her at her website.

Tour Giveaway

One winner will receive print copies of all three books in the American Wonders Collection, a collection of nine vintage-style postcards from the parks featured (the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, and Mt. Rainier), and a poster that speaks to the heart of the story: The best view comes after the hardest climb. (US only)

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The Story Hunter by Lindsay A. Franklin

November 1, 2021

Title: The Story Hunter
Author: Lindsay A. Franklin
Publisher: Enclave Publishing
Pages: 360
Length: 10 hrs, 30 mins
ISBN: 9781621841227 
Publication Date: May 19th, 2020

About the Book:
Redeeming the past is a fatal quest.

In the wake of a deadly coup, the capital city of Urian has descended into chaos. Heartbreak and bloodshed await Tanwen and her friends as they discover the unlikeliest leader now rules Tir.

If they want to save the realm, Tannie and the Corsyth weavers must rescue Queen Braith and unmask the Master, ending the strife once and for all. But the success of their hunt depends upon an ally no one trusts.

The Master has a new target in sight: fragile, trauma-scarred Digwyn, whose unique weaving ability could turn the tide of any war. When the desire for vengeance proves too powerful for Digwyn to resist, Tanwen must face a terrifying truth: the fate of Tir rests in the hands of a volatile, shattered girl.
My Thoughts:
What an adventure this trilogy has been! I'm sad that is over, but I honestly can't wait to see Lindsay A. Franklin will share with us next. 

Action, adventure, conclusion. This book had so much. Even though this was the conclusion, it opened up the minds of a few more characters and their thoughts. I wasn't sure how it would work to open the perspective up to more, but goodness, it was needed to really flush out the depths of this story. 

The extra eyes really allowed the character arc to pop, and I'm glad we had that with Brack. His arc has come a long way and this conclusion was so fitting. Tannie stayed strong and true through it all. Braith was as kind and sharp. Digwyn had me all over the place, sorry for her, aching for her, then questioning what was really going on. Mor has grown into a man of caring and compassion. All of these characters have grown and changed since book one. Following on their journey has been one I was sad to see end.

Through this fantasy world, the heartache, redemption, and love really play such an important part in this story. All are injured from this world, but there is true healing out there. 

Lindsay has such a beautiful writing style and it flows. 

I read this book with my daughter in the car. She loved it as well, she wanted the whole set for her birthday. She got it. This was a story that was really perfect for young teens and adults. 

The audio of this book was captivating. The narrator and her voices add to the story and never distracted from it. 

This was a great read and such a fulfilling conclusion. 

4 out of 5

Review: Come Back to Me by Jody Hedlund

October 28, 2021

Title: Come Back to Me
Author: Jody Hedlund
Publisher: Revell
Pages: 384
Length: 11 hrs, 5 mins
ISBN: 9780800738433
Publication Date: June 1st, 2021

About the Book:
The ultimate cure that could heal any disease? Crazy.

That's exactly what research scientist Marian Creighton has always believed about her father's quest, even if it does stem from a desire to save her sister from the genetic disease that stole their mother from them. But when her father falls into a coma after drinking a vial of holy water believed to contain traces of residue from the Tree of Life, Marian must question all of her assumptions. He's left behind tantalizing clues that suggest he's crossed back in time. Insane. Until Marian tests his theories and finds herself in the Middle Ages during a dangerous peasant uprising.

William Durham, a valiant knight, comes to Marian's rescue and offers her protection . . . as his wife. The longer Marian stays in the past, the more she cares about William. Can she ever find her father and make it back to the present to heal her sister? And when the time comes to leave, will she want to?

Bestselling author Jody Hedlund is your guide down the twisting waters of time to a volatile era of superstition, revolts, and chivalry in this suspenseful story.
My Thoughts:
Jody Hedlund is one of my favorite romantic authors. Her leading men are completely swoon worthy, her heroines are strong but not overbearing, and the settings transport you through time.

Come Back to Me had all of these fabulous traits, but we got a split time book with an amazing idea of time travel thrown in. 

Marian is a woman who is very science based and minded. She grew up in church, has had faith, but it has fallen back on her priority list. Her main desire is to find a way to help her sick sister. Her sister is battling an illness that their mother died from and she has lost her father to his science researching in finding the cure. With all of this, Marian is a woman who feels alone, but whole in her job. However, he world is thrown upside down with one phone call and she rushes off to England to try to save her dad, who is now in a coma with no known causes for an illness. 

Marian is thrown in to whirlwind trying to help her dad, trying to keep her sister from stress, and battling a strange man who is following her and determined to steal any and all information she may have on her dad's research. As she researches more, she sees what her father has been working on and realizes he has stumbled on something bigger then she could have ever imagined. Being the scientist she is, reading is never enough for her, so she has to try out her dad's research.

It is during this, we are fully introduced to William. He is a knight, ready to battle, make sure his family is safe, and his lands are looked after, but he is also haunted over his past and his brother. Trying to find peace and happiness is hard. Protection of those he loves is the most important. When Marian is introduced into his life, he is taken a back by her beauty and also his desire to protect her. His desire to protect her makes his go a long away and he marries her, but he still doesn't know much about this woman, just that he knows her personality is demeanor is completely different to that of any other woman in his time.

Following William and Marian along this story is captivating. Not knowing where the story will take you or how it will play out. It left me wondering what was going to happen next. 

Not to spoil anything, but the ending had me on the edge of my seat. I can't wait for book 2!

I read this book as an audio book and I will say it took me a little bit to get adjusted to the narrator, but as the story progressed, I honestly couldn't have thought of a better narrator for this book. Her tone and style never distracted from the story. The pace was well done.

This was a fabulous book!

5 out of 5

About the Author:
Jody Hedlund ( is the bestselling author of more than thirty historical novels for both adults and teens, including Come Back to Me, and is the winner of numerous awards, including the Christy, Carol, and Christian Book Awards. Jody lives in Michigan with her husband, busy family, and five spoiled cats. She loves to imagine that she really can visit the past, although she's yet to accomplish the feat, except via the many books she reads.

Thank you to the publisher, I received a copy of this book for free in exchange for an honest review. 

Top Ten Tuesday: Halloween Reads

October 26, 2021

Top Ten Tuesday is a meme hosted by The Artsy Read Girl.
Each week features a book related topic to spotlight your Top Ten.


Halloween Reads

I will admit it....I don't read horror style books, I don't watch horror movies either. Hocus Pocus is right up my alley for Halloween Movies. My husband wishes otherwise, but oh well. 
Now, I love a good mystery that make you jump and be surprised, but I just can't do crazy creepy. However, if it is a good criminal thriller, I'm your girl. 

Here are some books I think are perfect for this time of year. 

by Tracy L. Higley
It's a dark setting, very mysterious based on one of the wonders of the world. 
by Jessica Dotta
This is a gothic style series. So much suspense and unknown. 
by J.K. Rowling
Just fun in general and Halloween is featured.

by Ted Dekker
It's a very dark and grisly series of sorts, but is so well told.
by Abigail Wilson
Gothic style stories. Written with mystery and similar to Jane Eyre.

by Jaime Jo Wright
All written in split time and offers mysteries and a a spooky feel.

by Jaime Jo Wright
All written in split time and offers mysteries and a a spooky feel.
by Mesu Andrews
Historically accurate and a bit of a darker story. Very gripping.

What books do you like to read this time of year?

Storing Up Trouble by Jen Turano

October 25, 2021

Title: Storing Up Trouble
Author: Jen Turano
Publisher: Bethany House
Pages: 359
Length: 11 hrs, 10 mins
ISBN: 9780764231698
Publication Date: May 5th, 2020

About the Book:
After Miss Beatrix Waterbury suffers multiple mishaps due to her involvement with the suffrage movement, her mother decides a change of scenery is in order for her incorrigible daughter. Banished from New York, Beatrix is sent off for an extended stay with her Aunt Gladys in Chicago.

Mr. Norman Nesbit, a gentleman and a brilliant man of science devoted to his work, doesn't have time to be distracted with members of the feminine set. When robbers descend on the train, intent on divesting him from his important research papers, Norman is thrust into Beatrix's company when she has the audacity to interfere—leaving him no choice but to try to save her from herself.

When Beatrix's life is put at stake after she takes employment as a salesgirl, she and Norman find themselves propelled into each other's company again and again. With danger and intrigue dogging their every step, they become surprisingly drawn to each other—until information comes to light that threatens this relationship that's barely had a chance to blossom. 
My Thoughts:
Jen Turano is one of my favorite authors. If I'm ever in need of smile or a laugh, picking up one of her books is sure to bring it. Her skill of intertwining a sweet romance, historical details, and humor is super impressive! You can always count on her characters to have the best names ever, with the spunkiness personalities to match. Her heroines are strong and capable. Her heroes are dignified, helpful, and and match to handle the women. 

Storing Up Trouble is another fabulous tale that has met all the expectations of her stories. Beatrix has already proven in the stories before this as a friend to the heroine, she isn't one t back down from a fight. She has strong beliefs and is ready to speak of them. Her parents view her a little hard head and in need of some guidance, as she has faked a relationship with a good friend to keep out of a real relationship. Her parents believe it's time for her to have a new guide to help her straighten out her path, so they ship her off to Chicago to be with her aunt, who in turn, proves to be a older version of Beatrix and the fun escalates. 

Norman, oh my, Norman. I have to say he was one of my most favorite heroes yet of these books. He is book smart, a little awkward, set in his own mindset because he read up on it, so it must be true. He is also one who had the biggest growth in a story arc I've seen. Following along with him on his growth was so much fun as the light bulb went off. He was super smart from studying, but as he lived life finally and seeing how life really was, different then he thought and he dove on into it, his character just popped off of the pages. 

Beatrix and Norman were a great pair that were able to balance each other out, but also help build up do bigger and better.

This was such a good story!

Me and my daughter listened to this book on audio in the commutes, she would be cracking up in the back seat at the shenanigans that ensued. The narrator through this whole series has been great. She helped carry the story and really make the characters shine. 

I'm ready to dive in to Jen Turanos most recent series now. 

4 out of 5

Top Ten Tuesday: Books on My Fall 2021 To-read List

September 21, 2021

Top Ten Tuesday is a meme hosted by The Artsy Read Girl.
Each week features a book related topic to spotlight your Top Ten.

Books on My Fall 2021 To-Read List

Oh, to share the my want to read list. This is one that is hard to narrow down. So many fabulous authors and so many new books. I'm also including books I've been wanting to read, but just haven't gotten to them yet. That list is even longer. 

by Misty M. Beller
by Betsy St. Amant
by Tessa Afshar

by Becky Wade
by Jody Hedlund
by Lori Benton

by Elizabeth Camden
by Heidi Chiavaroli
by Katherine Reay

by Kimberley Woodhouse
by Kate Breslin

This is just a small selection of books I want to read in the fall....not counting what my daughter wants to read on the commutes as well. I forsee a lot of books this coming season. 
What is all on your Fall To Read List?

The Story Raider by Lindsay A. Franklin

September 16, 2021

Title:The Story Raider
Author: Lindsay A. Franklin
Publisher: Enclave Publishing
Length: 10 hrs, 23 mins
Pages: 384
ISBN: 9781683702030
Publication Date: April 30th, 2019

About the Book:
Deceiving an empire is a treacherous game.

Tanwen and the Corsyth weavers race to collect the strands of an ancient cure that might save Gryfelle. But Tanwen has a secret—Gryfelle isn’t the only one afflicted by the weaver's curse.

As Queen Braith struggles to assert her rule, a new arrival throws her tenuous claim to the Tirian throne into question. Braith’s heart is turned upside down, and she’s not sure she can trust anyone—least of all herself.

The puppet master behind Gareth’s rise to power has designs on Tanwen and the story weavers and will stop at nothing to reclaim the throne. A plot to incite the angry peasants of Tir takes shape, and those dearest to Tanwen will be caught in the crossfire. As the fight for Tir consumes the realm, no one can remain innocent. 
My Thoughts:
I'm back with my thoughts on book 2 of the Weavers Trilogy. 

Goodness, Lindsay Franklin really knows how to write a series that makes you want to come back and find out what is going to happen. At the end of book one, we had so many different surprises come at us. Some that made us (my daughter and I) cheer and others that made us go, oh my! It was a fantastic closing of the book, but we couldn't wait to dive into the book 2.

The Story Raider was one book I didn't know what to really expect. Lindsay took us on a huge tour of her world and my goodnes it was something to behold. 

Tanwen and her Weaver friends set off in search for a cure that is only known of through anciant texts. As Tanwen and her friends research, they dive further into the history of the weavers and the powers they possess. 

On the journey we meet new friends, we also learn more about who is battling and plotting against Tanwen and her crew. And as their travel carries them closer to their important destinations, Tanwen battles not only the outside forces, but also her own sickness on the inside. From her perspective, we understand what has happened to Gryfelle.

This book was one of adventure and built off of what was started in book one and it never slowed down. The pacing was pheniminal. I liked how we had different views to give us insight into the different layers. 

Safe to say, diving to book 3 right away is a given. So many answers are needed!

The narrator for this series has been phenominal thus far. Her ability to instill emotions and different voices, really offer a new depth tot he story and it makes you feel more apart. It doesn't feel like your listening to a story, but watching a movie. The narrator is able to convey the story in a way, she makes your mind visualize it easily. 

4 out of 5

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