Review: Tacos For Two by Betsy St. Amant

January 26, 2022

Title: Tacos For Two
Author: Betsy St. Amant
Publisher: Revell 
Pages: 336
ISBN: 9780800738907
Publication Date: October 12th, 2021

About the Book:
Two unlikely chefs. One life-changing contest. There can only be one winner . . . right?

Rory Perez, a food truck owner who can't cook, is struggling to keep the business she inherited from her aunt out of the red--and an upcoming contest during Modest's annual food truck festival seems the best way to do it. The prize money could finally give her a solid financial footing and keep her cousin with special needs paid up at her beloved assisted living home. Then maybe Rory will have enough time to meet the man she's been talking to via an anonymous online dating site.

Jude Strong is tired of being a puppet at his manipulative father's law firm, and the food truck festival seems like the perfect opportunity to dive into his passion for cooking and finally call his life his own. But if he loses the contest, he's back at the law firm for good. Failure is not an option.

Complications arise when Rory's chef gets mono and she realizes she has to cook after all. Then Jude discovers that his stiffest competition is the same woman he's been falling for online the past month.

Will these unlikely chefs sacrifice it all for the sake of love? Or will there only ever be tacos for one?
My Thoughts:
Do you love You've Got Mail? How about Shop Around the Corner? Or The Good Ol' Summer Time? Well, if you like any or all of these, or if you have read Dear Mr. Knightly by Katherine Reay, another offering into this genre...I have the book for you! Tacos For Two. This is such a fun and modern take on this tale of competing business people, who get connected and don't know it. I've watched all of these movies and have loved them all...especially You've Got Mail. I could curl up and watch it all the time. 

I was interested to see how Betsy would be able to play it out with the characters not knowing each other with the world wide web at their fingertips, but it was done brilliantly! I would not survive on the dating site that was presented in this book. I would take any detail and ferret the information out, but that is what I do and the fact Rory was cool with taking it slow and not knowing made her all the more interesting. 

Rory is such a loving character. She cares for her cousin, and the people she works with. She wants to keep her Aunt's food truck alive....even though she doesn't cook, which I absolutely loved. She comes off as a girl who could burn water, but keeping her aunts legacy alive is greater than her inept cooking ability. 

Jude, goodness, what a guy. He is one who has had to deal with a lot bullying and forced competition in his family. He is the black sheep of his family, but that isn't a bad thing. He deal with a dad who is overbearing and hold the family money over his head. A brother that is always wanting to prove that he is better then Jude. But he had a caring nanny growing up that instilled into him a love of cooking. 

The personalities between Rory and Jude are very similar. They are both ones just trying to find a path against the odds. Reading their story was fun and sweet. But of course there are some very emotional stakes and watching them play out, you are hoping it all works out, because you can't not like these two. 

If you're looking for a book that is hard to put down, try this one!

5 out of 5

About the Author:
Betsy St. Amant is the author of more than fifteen inspirational romances, including The Key to Love, and a frequent contributor to She lives in north Louisiana with her husband, two daughters, a collection of Austen novels, and an impressive stash of pickle-flavored Pringles. When she's not composing her next book or trying to prove unicorns are real, Betsy can usually be found somewhere in the vicinity of a white chocolate mocha--no whip. 

Learn more at

Thank you to the publisher, I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. 

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January 20, 2022

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A Path to Forgiveness
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Levi had little interest in seeing Esther again. When a promise to her father leaves him honor-bound to take her as his wife, he struggles with the bitterness he holds toward her for allowing her addictions and selfishness to derail her life. Yet, he could not hide the deep desire within him to be a husband and a father, even to a woman he did not love and a child that was not his by blood. 

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A Book Called You
Title: A Book Called You 
Author: Matthew Stephen Brown 
Publisher: W Publishing / Thomas Nelson 
Release DateOctober 5, 2021 
Genre: Christian Growth / Enneagram 

A biblically grounded Enneagram book that looks at the Enneagram numbers of people in the Bible so readers can discover more about themselves and gain specific wisdom about how and why they are uniquely made. 

Who am I? Everyone asks that question, no matter their age or status in life. If we truly are supposed to be real with others, shouldn’t that start with learning how to be real with ourselves? We think so. But we have to be willing to look inside and ask, "Okay, God, who am I? What is it that I don’t see about myself that you see?" A Book Called YOU will help us learn about who we are as individuals and how a biblical view of self-discovery can improve every part of our lives. 

Based on his widely successful teaching series "A Series Called You" and his personal experience using the Enneagram personality assessment tool in his marriage and other personal relationships, pastor Matt Brown offers a groundbreaking, entertaining, and heartfelt guide that highlights biblical truths alongside the Enneagram to help us better understand ourselves and how we relate to the people around us. 


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