Blog Blitz: One Woman Falling by Melanie Campbell (JustRead Tour & Giveaway)

October 28, 2020

One Woman Falling Blot Blitz 

Welcome to the Blog Blitz & Giveaway for One Woman Falling by Melanie Campbell, hosted by JustRead Publicity Tours!


One Woman Falling

Title: One Woman Falling 
Author: Melanie Campbell
Publisher: Mountain Brook Ink
Release Date: August 1, 2019
Genre: Inspirational Women's Fiction

Cassie Peterson lives in an invisible prison of fear, chained by self-doubt and guarded by a relentless warden—her husband. Derrick’s verbal and physical abuse as well as his alcoholism have left Cassie alienated from her family, without friends, and certain she can’t survive on her own. 

After an unexpected police visit, Cassie realizes the survival of her four-year-old daughter, Renee, depends on Cassie’s courage to leave. What she doesn’t plan on is Derrick’s vengeful custody fight. 

While walking through the treacherous world of divorce, Cassie is encouraged by her spunky new friend, Missy Langdon, to pursue her love of waterfalls. Cassie finds solace in the waterfalls on the agonizing weekends she’s forced to hand Renee over to Derrick. Meanwhile, unexpected help comes in the form of Brian Sutton, an attorney at the firm where Cassie works—but what price will she ultimately pay for his assistance? 

As Derrick’s threatening behavior escalates, Cassie questions her choices. How long will her daughter suffer before the custody case is resolved? Why is she drawn to waterfalls during this chaotic time? And who will stand with her when everything comes crashing down?


We continued along the path. Moments later, I heard the soft roar of rushing water. The trail had leveled out, so I was able to breathe easier. I picked up my pace, keeping in time to my quickened heart rate. We came upon a bend in the trail, and I saw the real waterfall through the trees. Missy smiled, seeming to share my excitement. We hurried ahead until we had a better view. The trail became muddy and we maneuvered around several rocks. We found a little alcove with water dripping off its edge and stood in its shelter to watch the falls. 

Mesmerized by its raw beauty, the fall held me. For a moment, nothing but the sound of rushing water filled my head. No echoes of Derrick’s voice. No worries about paying bills. Not even concern for Renee or Nannie or what my future held. Was this what peace felt like? I stepped closer, letting the water from the alcove drip on my face, hopeful the drips would conceal my tears. 


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Melanie Campbell 
Melanie Campbell’s debut novel, One Woman Falling, won the 2020 Oregon Christian Writer’s Cascade Award for contemporary fiction and is a finalist for the Selah Award for first novel. One Way Home, the second novel in her Whispers of Grace series, releases on November 1, 2020. 

Melanie wrote her first story when she was eight-years-old and has been in love with the power of storytelling ever since. She is also passionate about social issues and holds a degree in Sociology from the University of Oregon, which she obtained during her stint as a single-mom. She’s now married and lives in Oregon’s beautiful Willamette Valley with her family and several spoiled pets. 

When not writing, Melanie enjoys exploring Oregon’s beautiful outdoors by hiking, kayaking, and going for drives in the country. In less-than-favorable weather conditions, you will find her enjoying an intriguing book and a strong cup of coffee.

CONNECT WITH MELANIE: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram


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Review Isaiah's Legacy by Mesu Andrews

October 14, 2020

Title: Isaiah's Legacy
Author: Mesu Andrews
Publisher: Waterbrook Press
Pages: 400
ISBN: 978-0-7352-9188-1
Publication Date: February 18th, 2020

About the Book:
The drama of the Old Testament comes to life as Judah's most notorious king ascends to the throne in this gripping novel from the award-winning author of Isaiah's Daughter.

At eight years old, Shulle has known only life in a small village with her loving but peculiar father. When Uncle Shebna offers shelter in Jerusalem in exchange for Shulle's help tutoring King Manasseh, Judah's five-year-old co-regent who displays the same peculiarities as her father, she's eager to experience the royal court. But Shulle soon realizes the limits of her father's strict adherence to Yahweh's Law when Uncle Shebna teaches her of the starry hosts and their power.

Convinced Judah must be freed from Yahweh's chains, she begins the subtle swaying of young Manasseh, using her charm and skills on the boy no one else understands. When King Hezekiah dies, twelve-year-old Manasseh is thrust onto Judah's throne, bitter at Yahweh and eager to marry the girl he adores. Assyria's crown prince favors Manasseh and twists his brilliant mind toward cruelty, beginning Shulle's long and harrowing journey to discover the Yahweh she'd never known, guided with loving wisdom by Manasseh's mother: Isaiah's daughter, the heartbroken Hephzibah. Amid Judah's dark days, a desperate remnant emerges, claiming the Lord's promise, "Though we're helpless now, we're never hopeless--because we serve El Shaddai." Shulle is among them, a girl who becomes a queen through Isaiah's legacy.
My Thoughts: got in the way of posting this when I was planning on it. Last time I worked on this post, it was 1 day before having baby boy. I will say though, in all of that time since I've read this book, the story has stuck with me. I still find myself thinking on different aspects of the story and the characters and their actions and their consequences they were issued.

Isaiah's Legacy is a powerful story. It is dark, it is gritty, it is a story that is very much an emotional gut punch. This story is taken directly from the Bible, so know this story isn't any bloodier than the Bible itself. 

We know who Manasseh was. We know his legacy he left over Israel. We know he ended up being the polar opposite of Hezekiah, his father. Reading a story from his perspective was so interesting. Granted, I had no sympathy for him as an adult in this story, but the way he portrayed as a child and know that palace life is a game of chess and he was a pawn as a child, made me have compassion for him. 

Shulle is a girl you just hurt for. She is used and abused by people who should care for her, but sadly they only care for themselves. She is young and has no power. And is pushed in to doing what others want.

The story of Isaiah's later life plays out in this book and of that of Hepzibah. These are two strong people of the Bible, and knowing what they will face as the story goes on is hard, but also so interesting to read about as a possibility to what they may have said or how they acted in these hard times. 

Mesu Andrews is a superb story teller. She is able to bring these people who once lived and bring them back to life with a what-if look. She never strays from what the Bible says, but makes it a story that you can connect with.

This book, along with her others, I could re-read over and over again. There is so much detail and richness surrounding the characters and background, it makes you apart of it all.

5 out of 5

About the Author:
MESU ANDREWS is the Christy Award-winning author of Isaiah’s Daughter and numerous other novels, including The Pharaoh's DaughterMiriam, Of Fire and Lions and Love Amid the Ashes. Her deep understanding of and love for God's Word brings the biblical world alive for readers. Mesu lives in North Carolina with her husband, Roy, and enjoys spending time with her growing tribe of grandchildren.

Thank you to the publisher, I received a copy of this book for free, in exchange for an honest review.

Review: Stay With Me by Becky Wade

June 17, 2020

Title: Stay With Me
Author: Becky Wade
Publisher: Bethany House
Series: Misty River Romance 
Pages: 392
ISBN: 9780764235603
Publication Date: May 5th, 2020

About the Book:
Loving her is a risk he can't afford . . . and can't resist.

When acclaimed Bible study author Genevieve Woodward receives an anonymous letter referencing her parents' past, she returns to her hometown in the Blue Ridge Mountains to chase down her family's secret. However, it's Genevieve's own secret that catches up to her when Sam Turner, owner of a historic farm, uncovers the source of shame she's worked so hard to hide.

Sam has embraced his sorrow, his isolation, and his identity as an outsider. He's spent years carving out both career success and peace of mind. The last thing he wants is to rent the cottage on his property to a woman whose struggles stir his worst failure back to life. Yet can he bear to turn her away right when she needs him most?

My Thoughts:
Do you ever just want to escape? This year has been one of those years where the idea of just running away to a new place and leaving everything behind sounds delightful!

Well, I found the most marvelous of escapes. Becky Wade just released a brand new series, and goodness did it provide the most wonderful mental break. I have loved Becky's books since I first discovered them, 8 years ago. So when a new one releases, it brings so much joy.

Stay With Me, I will say, even though touches on some very tough, hard topics, they are ones that are faced daily by so many people. I want to give that warning, because I know that there are some topics that do hit harder to some than others. This might be one of them. This book does discuss drug addiction and the affects it has on the people who battle it and their loved ones. The handling of this topic in Stay With Me is done with so much grace, love, and hope, because there is always hope! Hope and love is what is needed in everyones lives and seeing in demonstrated brings joy.

First off, the setting for Stay With Me. It is set in the Blue Ridge Mountains! How fabulous is that! Reading about Genevieve and Sam in this setting really carried me away. Cool mountain air sweeping through a lovely!

Genevieve is such a unique character. She has lived an interesting life, one most people would love to have! She has money, fame, and what looks like a strong faith in the Lord. Like with most things seen through social media, what you see, isn't what you get. She has deep, dark demons she battles. She hides so much from her loved ones and she is lost and alone in all of it. Her past haunts her, she has lived through a huge even as a teenager and it is something we get to flashback on and experience.

Sam....goodness, Sam! He is a character I could keep reading about! He has his own battles he has been waging, but through his battles, he has strengths to help Genevieve in her battle. He is the breath of fresh air her closed up life needs. He helps with his own quiet way.

These two work so well together with their personalities, it a delight to read.
You do feel so much for all of these character. What is written, you can think of someone, yourself or someone close to you who has battled something so difficult and you want to hug these people closer. That is what I love about Becky's writing. It makes you think, it makes you feel. Her stories wrap you up into them and carry you away.

I honestly can't wait to see where this series goes and we learn more about each of these characters we were introduced to.

And on a fun note! The audio for this book was just released last week! I haven't had a chance to listen to it, but I look forward to very soon.

5 out of 5

About the Author:

Becky Wade ( is the 2018 Christy Award Book of the Year winner for True to You. She is a native of California who attended Baylor University, met and married a Texan, and moved to Dallas. She published historical romances for the general market, then put her career on hold for several years to care for her children. When God called her back to writing, Becky knew He meant for her to turn her attention to Christian fiction. Her humorous, heart-pounding contemporary romance novels have won three Christy Awards, the Carol Award, the INSPY Award, and the Inspirational Reader's Choice Award for Romance. Becky lives in Dallas, Texas with her husband and three children.

Thank you to the Author, I received a copy of this book for free in exchange for an honest review.

The Heart of a Hero by Susan May Warren (Blog Tour & Giveaway)

June 4, 2020

The Heart of a Hero Blog + Review Tour 
Welcome to the Blog Tour & Giveaway for The Heart of a Hero by Susan May Warren, hosted by JustRead Publicity Tours!


The Heart of a Hero by Susan May Warren Title: The Heart of a Hero
Series: Global Search and Rescue #2
Author: Susan May Warren
Publisher: Revell
Release Date: June 2, 2020
Genre: Romantic Suspense

Jake Silver may not be able to put the memories of his time as a sniper and Navy SEAL behind him, but at least he can put his skills to use as a part of the Jones Inc. rescue team. Saving the life of pediatric heart surgeon Dr.

Aria Sinclair on Denali helped too. But now he can't get her out of his head. Aria has dedicated her life to helping children born with defective hearts. After all, she was one of those children. Driven to succeed, she lives a lonely, stressful life. One she would have lost on Denali if it hadn't been for Jake. Jake is exciting and handsome, but he's also dangerous, and she's already lost one person she loves. She can't bear it again.

It's not until she finds herself trapped in the middle of a Category 4 hurricane that she can admit she needs Jake desperately. With their very survival in the balance, can they hope for a second chance at life . . . and love? 

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IN THE DAYLIGHT, Jake Silver wasn’t the devil. He didn’t hear the screams. Didn’t smell the pungent residue of gun smoke tinging the air. Didn’t destroy lives. In the daylight, he was just Uncle Jake, the guy who knew how to fly. Jake tucked his feet into the toe straps in the trampoline of his Hobie 16 catamaran and glanced at the sky. A perfect day. Blue skies overhead, a high in the low eighties, a scattering of cirrus that lent just enough shadow to escape the July heat....

To read the rest of this excerpt, you can follow this link to read all of Chapter 1!


Susan May Warren Susan May Warren is the USA Today bestselling, Christy and RITA award-winning novelist of over sixty-five novels. An eight-time Christy award finalist, a three-time RITA Finalist, she’s also a multi-winner of the Inspirational Readers Choice award, and the ACFW Carol Award.

A seasoned women’s events speaker, she’s a popular writing teacher at conferences around the nation and the author of the beginning writer’s workbook: The Story Equation. She is also the founder of, and Novel.Academy, a school for aspiring novelists.

CONNECT WITH SUSAN: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram  


(1) winner will receive a $25 Barnes and Noble gift card and a heart-shaped hematite necklace!

The Heart of a Hero JustRead Giveaway

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Review: Like Flames In the Night by Connilyn Cossette

March 31, 2020

Title: Like Flames In the Night
Author: Connilyn Cossette
Series: City of Refuge, 4
Publisher: Bethany House
Pages: 384
ISBN: 9780764234330
Publication Date: March 3rd, 2020

About the Book:
Strong-willed Tirzah wants to join her people in driving the enemy from the land of Israel and undergoes training for a secret mission inside the stronghold of Shechem. But soon after she has infiltrated the ruthless Aramean commander's kitchen, she makes a reckless decision that puts her and her allies in grave danger.

Fresh off the battlefield, Liyam returns home to discover his beloved daughter is dead. After his vow to hunt down her killer leads to months of fruitless pursuit, his last hope is in a family connection that comes with strings attached--strings that force him to pose as a mercenary and rescue an infuriating woman who refuses to leave her mission uncompleted.

When an opportunity to pave a path to a Hebrew victory arises, can Tirzah convince Liyam to fight alongside her in the refuge city of her birth? Or will Liyam's thirst for vengeance outweigh his duty to his people, his God, and the woman he's come to love?
My Thoughts:
Oh my goodness.We have reached the end of this wonderful series! I'm so happy with how this story unfolded and progressed through these books, but I'm also so sad that it has ended! This series has just been one I could let myself sink into and disappear into this time with these people and just get lost for a little while. It was a fabulous journey!

Now I've mourned over the end and gushed over this series, let me tell you why this last book was a cherry on the top this marvelous series!

Connilyn Cossette has a wonderful talent for writing about very strong women characters, but also very strong men characters. Her cast is one of balance and allows their strengths and weakness of each to be shown and highlighted.

In Like Flames in the Night, we follow Tirzah, we have been introduced to her in previous stories. She comes from a very strong and prominent family. She is brought to attention of this story in a very powerful way, with her lack of fear and determination to protect who she is with, but with faith in the protection she knows she is surrounded in. The opening of this book really did set up this story beautifully and it showcased in this book, how God is there to use both men and women to bring in glory and promises.

This story is one that touches on many things. It isn't just about bravery and spies and adventures, it deals with heartache, love, and healing. There are some tough issues Tirzah and Liyam deal with in this story, and the way it unfolded was fantastic and gripping.

Though this is the end of the series, the way that this story wraps up and brings joy to this family, that was originally punished in the first book, is a beautiful conclusion. This book has allowed this story to come full circle and shine a light and it shows, that once was thought as something bad, can in fact lead to an even better path then you could imagine.

I had a hard time putting this book down.  The writing was phenomenal. The setting and the people made you feel apart. This is a series I can go back and re-read over and over again.

I was able to download this story and listen to some of it on Audible....and goodness, the narrator, Rachel Botchen is the voice of this series. The audio of this book is one that can transport you.

This was a fabulous read all around!

5 out of 5

About the Author:
Connilyn Cossette ( is a Christy Award and Carol Award winning author whose books have been found on ECPA and CBA bestseller lists. When she is not engulfed in the happy chaos of homeschooling two teenagers, devouring books whole, or avoiding housework, she can be found digging into the rich ancient world of the Bible to discover gems of grace that point to Jesus and weaving them into an immersive fiction experience. Although she and her husband have lived all over the country in their twenty-plus years of marriage, they currently call a little town south of Dallas, Texas, their home.

Thank you to the author, I received a copy of this book for free in exchange for an honest review.

Top Ten Tuesday: Books With Single-Word Titles

March 4, 2020

Top Ten Tuesday is a meme hosted by The Artsy Read Girl.
Each week features a book related topic to spotlight your Top Ten.

Single Word Titles

I'm going to admit, I thought this was going to be hard to do, but once I started looking through my book boxes...still don't have bookshelves yet :-( , I realized this was going to be a lot easier and have a huge selection! There are so many series that are one word titles, I couldn't find the who series for a few of them, but I least had a few to of them to show case. 

by Susan May Warren
Daughters of Fortune Series

by Lisa T. Bergren
River of Time Series

by Siri Mitchell

by Tracy Higley

by Lisa T. Bergren
The Homeward Trilogy

by Dani Pettrey
Alaska Courage Series

by Sigmund Brouwer

How did your single word title search go?
Do we have any duplicates or did you find some I didn't feature?
Let me know in the comments below...I'm always looking for new suggestions. :-)

Review: Veiled In Smoke by Jocelyn Green

March 2, 2020

Title: Veiled In Smoke
Author: Jocelyn Green
Publisher: Bethany House
Pages: 416
ISBN: 9780764233302
Publication Date: February 4th, 2020

About the Book:
The Flames Took So Much.She Can't Lose Her Father As Well.

Meg Townsend and her sister, Sylvie, seek a quiet existence managing the family bookshop. Meg feels responsible for caring for their father, Stephen, whose spirit and health are both damaged from his time as a prisoner during the Civil War. Her one escape is the paintings she creates and sells in the bookshop.

Then the Great Fire sweeps through Chicago's business district. The fiery explosions and chaos stir up memories of war for Stephen as he runs from the blaze and becomes separated from his daughters. Days later, when the smoke has cleared, Meg and Sylvie manage to reunite with him. Their home and shop are lost, and what's left among the ashes may be even more threatening than the flames, for they learn that a close friend was murdered the night of the fire--and Stephen has been charged with the crime. After he is committed to the Cook County Insane Asylum, where they cannot visit him, Stephen feels as lost to them as the shop that now lies in rubble.

Though homeless and suddenly unemployed, Meg must not only gather the pieces of her shattered life but prove the truth of what happened that night, before the asylum truly drives her father mad.
My Thoughts:
I look forward to this time of year. Not because of spring, oh no, it's book season! Several of my favorite authors are releasing new books and it is the most wonderful time. One of my all time favorite authors, Jocelyn Green, just released her newest book. And goodness, what a story it was!

I've only read one other historical fiction book on the Great Chicago Fire and it was very interesting. I was excited to see how the story in Veiled in Smoke would play out. I was not disappointed!

Veiled in Smoke was a book that had the Chicago Fire as the main focus of the story, but the characters we follow deal with so much from before the fire all the way through the rebuild. This book was one that yes, focused on a huge tragedy, but it also a book that brought other historical tragedies into the spotlight as well. The Chicago fire took place not long after the Civil War ended. The men that survived are back home with their families, some fully, some only in body. Their minds were elsewhere.

Meg and Sylvie are two grown sisters doing their best to get by running a bookstore and painting. They lost their mom a few years back, and their dad who served in the war is home, but has been injured mentally.

Having been dealt a hard blow to the family, Meg and Sylvie are close, but they are complete opposites in every fashion. They each view things differently and when that happens, like it does in many families, it can cause tension, when thrown into a huge stressful situation on top of it, family ties are tested. Jocelyn Green was able to write and portray this struggle so well. It is something so many people have gone through, in some form or fashion, and you can see both sides of it when reading this book.

Stephen, Meg and Sylvie's father has lived a hard life during the war. During this time, PTSD wasn't known about, wasn't studied, other then they didn't come back fully from the war and suffered a soldier's heart. Reading about Stephen and the struggles he faced and the internal battles he fights is heartbreaking. This is a struggle that many battle now and Jocelyn Green was able to spotlight the importance of care for someone who has been mentally hurt. You hurt for Stephen and the circumstance he is thrown into and for his family who are battling it in their own way. The emotional connection is strong with this story in so many ways.

Nate Pierce was the strength and the steady head in a lot of this book. He was a reporter. He was after the truth and seeking out details. He tried to not let emotions get to him, but he offered a whole new perspective and visual then what Meg and Sylvie and their father had. He brought a balance to the story. He brought a unique look of the outsider, who wasn't affected by the fire personally, but it affected him through others.

There is so much growth and depth in these characters. The background for this book is one that can be dark and depressing, but Jocelyn Green is able to write in and bring this story to one of hope.

I'm so glad that this is the first book in this saga, I enjoyed getting to know the Townsend family and I wasn't ready to say good-by.

This was just a stunning book in so many way.

5 out of 5

About the Author:
Jocelyn Green ( inspires faith and courage as the award-winning and bestselling author of numerous fiction and nonfiction books, including The Mark of the King, Wedded to War, and The 5 Love Languages Military Edition, which she coauthored with bestselling author Dr. Gary Chapman. Her books have garnered starred reviews from Booklist and Publishers Weekly, and have been honored with the Christy Award, the gold medal from the Military Writers Society of America, and the Golden Scroll Award from the Advanced Writers & Speakers Association. She graduated from Taylor University in Upland, Indiana, with a BA in English, concentration in writing. Jocelyn lives with her husband, Rob, and two children in Cedar Falls, Iowa.

Visit her at

Thank you to the author, I received a copy of this book, in exchange for my honest opinion.

Hometown Healing Blog Tour w/ Expert (Just Read Tours & Giveaway)

February 23, 2020

Hometown Healing JustRead Blog Tour 
Welcome to the Blog + Review Tour & Giveaway for Hometown Healing by Jennifer Slattery, hosted by JustRead Publicity Tours!


Hometown Healing by Jennifer Slattery Title: Hometown Healing
Author: Jennifer Slattery
Publisher: Love Inspired
Release Date: August 1, 2019
Genre: Inspirational Contemporary Romance

She’s home again, but not for long… Unless this cowboy recaptures her heart.

Returning home with a baby in tow, Paige Cordell’s determined her stay is only temporary. But to earn enough money to leave, she needs a job—and her only option is working at her first love’s dinner theater. With attraction once again unfurling between her and Jed Gilbertson, can the man who once broke her heart convince her to stay for good?


Paige Cordell felt as if she had regressed back to that awkward, frizzy-haired bookworm who’d left Sage Creek, Texas, fourteen years ago. With no intention of ever returning.
And yet here she was. As a divorced, unemployed, single mother no less.
Nothing screamed failure like sitting in Mom’s driveway, with all of her belongings crammed into a U-Haul hitched to her car.
She glanced back at little Ava, sleeping soundly in her car seat. She looked so peaceful, with  her rosy cheeks, the halo of red curls and the slight part of her lips. As if she hadn’t just spent nearly an hour fussing, not that Paige could blame her. They’d had quite the drive. Traffic, work zones, an accident just outside of Houston.
Her phone rang. Paige glanced at the screen. It was Mira, her old high school friend.
“Just checking you made it into town okay. And to see if maybe you’d like to stop by my place for a nice, cold milkshake.”
“Just got in.” She explained the reason for her three-hour delay. “And though I appreciate the offer, I’m wiped.”
“I imagine.”
“And discouraged. I know I’ll find another job eventually…”
“Have you prayed about it?” Mira’s statement sliced through Paige like an accusation. “Might help.”
“Please don’t talk religion to me. Not today.” She believed in God. But unlike her friend, she didn’t find comfort in tossing every decision up to Him.
Besides, she and God hadn’t exactly been on the best terms as of late.
“Well, like I said, this is only a hiccup.” Mira’s overly perky pep talk wasn’t helping. “Consider this an extended vacation.”
“I can’t believe Ardell let me go. I mean, I get budget cuts, but why me? I was a high performer. I never missed a deadline, pitched great article ideas…”
“You’ll find something even better, with more job security.”
Paige inhaled a fortifying breath. “You’re right.” She’d never allowed setbacks to discourage her before, and she had no intention of starting now. “Maybe even for a better magazine, with a larger readership.”
Only, Chic Fashions was about as big as they came. Not only was it Chicago’s premier fashion publication, but it was considered the top in the nation. She’d worked long and hard to land a position with them, only to end up jobless and living with her mother.
The antithesis of adulthood.
She glanced at Mom’s single-story brick house, heavily shadowed by a towering oak. Thick roots snaked through the grass, and a handful of dandelions dotted the lawn. The windows were dingy, like they hadn’t been washed in…ever, and the canary-yellow trim was beginning to peel.
Other than that, the place seemed well-kept, and the yard had been mowed, which was surprising if her sister were right about how much Mom struggled. Hopefully Paige’s arrival would help pull Mom out of this phase she was in.
A blur of red seeped into her peripheral vision, and she shifted to watch a shiny red pickup truck pull into the adjacent driveway.
Her pulse spiked as a tall, broad-shouldered man dressed in jeans, boots, and a cowboy hat stepped out and then turned her way. “Seriously? Could this day get any worse?” she muttered.
“Why? What happened?”
With the phone still pressed to her ear, she sank farther into her seat, with no intention of leaving her vehicle. At least, not until Jed Gilbertson was no longer standing less than fifty feet away. Staring at her.
She turned to the box of office junk on the seat beside her to avoid making eye contact. “Jed just pulled up at his grandmother’s.” It’d been too long, and her heart had been too shattered, for him to still have such a pull on her.
“I thought you were over him.”
So did she.

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Jennifer Slattery

Jennifer Slattery is a writer and speaker who’s addressed women’s groups, Bible studies, and writers across the nation. She’s the author of the soon to release Building a Family and numerous other titles and maintains a devotional blog at As the founder of Wholly Loved Ministries, she’s passionate about helping women discover, embrace, and live out who they are in Christ. Visit her online to learn more about her speaking or to book her for your next women’s event and sign up for her free quarterly newsletter HERE  and make sure to connect with her on Facebook and Instagram.

CONNECT WITH JENNIFER: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram


(1) winner will receive a signed four print book bundle including Restoring Her Faith (Love Inspired), Hometown Healing (Love Inspired), Breaking Free (New Hope), and Restoring Love (New Hope)!

Hometown Healing JustRead Giveaway

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Top Ten Tuesday: Valentine Colors

February 11, 2020

Top Ten Tuesday is a meme hosted by The Artsy Read Girl.
Each week features a book related topic to spotlight your Top Ten.

 Valentine Colors

This week is actually a freebie week. It's theme was love, but I decided to go a more Valentine route and feature books that have Valentine colors featured on their covers.
When I think Valentines, I think of Reds, Whites, Pinks, and soft pastel type colors. That then leads you to some really pretty books!

I ran out of time last night looking through my stacks, or I would have had more lovelies to feature.


The Rose of Winslow Street
by Elizabeth Camden
The Tomb
by Stephanie Landsem
Veiled In Smoke
by Jocelyn Green
A Beauty So Rare
by Tamera Alexander


Lizzy & Jane
by Katherine Reay
by Susan May Warren
The Heiress of Winterwood
by Sarah E. Ladd

White & Pastels

Wings of the Wind
by Connilyn Cossette
Behind the Scenes
by Jen Turano
Hearts Made Whole
by Jody Hedlund

Books covers and spines are just a lot of fun to feature. There is always a cover that will fit for any topic.
What books are on your Top Ten this week?
What feature did you decide on? Let me know in the comments below!

Personal Update

February 10, 2020

I don't usually share personal things on my blog. I like the anonymity. I'm a shadow lurker by nature, always with a book in hand. 

Even though I live for being a person of discretion, when something of the personal nature comes up that affects my blogging, I have to share about it. 

My blogging as of late has been sketchy with the timing I know. Life has just up-heaved me in all directions. We finally moved into the house we were building at the end of October, beginning of November. I know that is the time when my blogging tanked.

Well, a couple of weeks before that, I found out I was expecting!
You are reading this now as I'm sitting in the middle of my 2nd trimester. 
Baby W is due in June 2020.
(Baby @ 9 weeks)
Baby W is the reason my blogging has tanked in the recent weeks/months. 

With my first child, I was diagnosed with Hyperemesis Garvidirum and I have it again with baby #2.
People call it extreme morning sickness....that is actually very far from the truth. Crackers and ginger do nothing to touch this illness. My body fights the pregnancy. My HCG levels are more than double what a normal singleton pregnancy is and because of that my body reacts in a very negative way. 

I'm currently on several anti-nausea meds to help combat this illness. They are the same ones that they give to cancer patients. But, they don't always work. The meds help in keeping me from being as sick as what I can be, but I'm still nauseous all day, everyday. Eating is the last thing on my mind. I suffer from severe aversions. It's a battle to drink. As a lot of things don't stay down long. Weight loss is hitting hard (usually not a bad thing, except for now) my doctor is closely monitoring it and with that exhaustion has set in. It takes a lot of energy to go to work every day. I've become anemic with an iron deficiency. My protein levels are low. So we have to watch organ functions. This condition can affect kidneys, liver, and the heart. I'm thankful I have so much support. I was far away from my family when I had my daughter, so this is a whole new experience. A bit harder medically speaking, but so much easier being close to loved ones and having everyone I need right by me.

I'm very thankful that I'm not as bad as some women who battle this. As I write this, I have yet to need to go to the hospital for fluids, it's been close, which is something that is regular with HG. I had to a couple of times with my daughter. 

Hyperemesis was brought to the spotlight in the last few years in part of the Kate Middleton in England suffering with it and also comedian Amy Shumer. 

This is the condition that killed Charlotte Bronte. She wasted away due to being pregnant. Thankfully, medical science has come a long way, but sadly, HG is one that is still not widely known about. Only about 2% of  pregnant women will suffer with this and it is something that can be passed down genetically. 

If you would like to read up more on Hyperemesis, you can follow the link provided.
The HER Foundation is the leading site in sharing the knowledge of HG and the research behind it.

I thankfully I have a very knowledgeable doctor assisting me with all of this. It is a trial and error trying to figure out a medication combo that will help tame the illness and nausea that will allow me to freely eat and drink again. 
However, if you could spare some prayers for relief and rest, I would be forever grateful.
Baby W is healthy. I'm very grateful about that.

I will blog about books still, but it may not be as prolific as I once was as we get closer to summer, but I'm still here. 
I will also give some updates on Baby W as I go. 

If you have made it this far in reading, bless you!
I wish I had a cookie to give you.

Now, for some fun news!
We found out the gender of Baby W!

Drum-roll please.........

Baby W is a boy!

Despite all of the sickness, we are beyond thrilled.

Thank you for visiting.
 I know it isn't the normal books news, but I'll be back to that soon. :-) 

Until the Mountains Fall by Connilyn Cossette (Audio Book Review)

February 3, 2020

Title: Until the Mountains Fall
Author: Connlyn Cossette
Series: Cities of Refuge, Bk 3
Publisher: Bethany House
Narrator: Rachel Botchen
Narration Time: 11hrs & 32mins
Publication Date: July 2nd, 2019

About the Book:
Recently widowed, Rivkah refuses to submit to the Torah law compelling her to marry her husband's brother and instead flees Kedesh, hoping to use her talents as a scribe to support herself. Without the protection of her father, Kedesh's head priest, and the safety of the city of refuge, Rivkah soon discovers that the cost of recklessness is her own freedom.

Malakhi has secretly loved Rivkah for years, but he never imagined his older brother's death would mean wedding her. After her disappearance, he throws himself into the ongoing fight against the Canaanites instead of dwelling on all he has lost. But with war looming over Israel, Rivkah's father comes to Malakhi with an impossible request.

As the enemies that Rivkah and Malakhi face from within and without Israel grow more threatening each day, is it too late for the restoration their wounded souls seek?
My Thoughts:
I have loved this series. I love how these books have built off of each other and have introduced us to characters that were only in the background at first and have brought them forward and have given them such depth.

Rivkah and Malakhi's story was one that was intense, but not in a bad way mind you! They each had their own growing to do in their own way. The choices that they made, or had made for them, shaped who they become through this story. It is an interesting progression to watch. The story unfolds in a way I didn't see coming in some, and ways I was hoping for in others.

Rivkah is a girl, thinking her life is set before her, but that isn't the case when her young husband dies. The choices that were made for her, in accordance to the law, were not what she wanted. Her decisions led her down a path that was hard. Her story is heartbreaking and hope-filled in many other ways. There were times that I wanted to shake her and ask, what the heck were you thinking?!

Malakhi, goodness, he is one we really see go through changes. He is one you can't help but root for, but also mourn with. He has a passion that is deep. He has his own personal demons to fight, and trying to prove his worth, or so he thinks.

These two characters are ones that I was amazed at the transformation of who they were through out.This was a story I had a hard time stopping.

I read this book through Audible, hello mutitasking! I honestly would have been useless if I had sat down with the book, till I was done reading it. Rachel Botchen has become a favorite narrator, her voice is one that is lyrical to listen to and it helps you get caught up in the story more. 

I'm so very happy that there is still one more book in this series, it releases soon! Book 4, Like Flames in the Night will releases in March 2020. I honestly can't wait to see how this series wraps up.

The detail and history of these Cities of Refuge was so new to me when I first dove in this series, but the information gleaned from this and the research it has lead me to do, I'm forever grateful for. This is some fantastic Old Testament history.

5 out of 5

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