Rebel Heart

November 9, 2012

The tag line isn't true, sorry, Rebel Heart by Moira Young is not better then the Hunger Games.

It took me a little while to get through this book. I wasn't sure about the first book. The story I liked, but the way it was presented really made it hard to get into. This book, the presentation was a little better, it didn't seem to be trying so hard. The words weren't all phonically written this time, which helped quite a bit. However, the story, it didn't seem to go anywhere for the longest time.

Rebel Heart picks up about a week after the first book. However, instead of Saba, being the strong, take charge girl, who knows what she is doing and what she is after, she is letting herself be pushed around by her brother Lugh and is constantly verbally beaten down by him. I want to just slap him and say, hey, your sister just rescued your useless butt, be grateful, instead, he is jealous over the fact that Saba can't wait to get back to Jack, who had to take care of a mission for a friend who was killed in the first book. We only hear from him the first chapter, then it is silence for a while.

Lugh spends so much of the book griping at Saba about how, he can't believe how selfish she is, they had the same dream of the same place, she had to go and ruin it. Sorry, boy, she can have her own dream, you can go live yours. I know that he is Saba's brother, but I don't know why she saved him. He is worse then what their little sister was in the first book. They were better off with out him.

Unlike the first book, Blood Red Road, where I was unsure, this one is a not to read!

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