2013...New Year, New Goal

January 2, 2013

It is now officially January 2nd. It's crazy how quickly time is going right now.

It's time to start my new goal for the year. I thought about 50 again, however I was talking with a friend and she is upping her goal and pushed me into upping my goal by just a little. So this year, I'm striving for 55! I've already looked around and there are 6 books that have already caught my interest to read this year. All new. Some have just come out and some will be coming out a little later this year and I can not wait! One in particular, I have been waiting on for 4 years! It's so hard to wait that long, but in the end, so worth it!! I'll make sure to let y'all know which one it is when it is out.

I'm already planning out my calender for when the books are due out and making a list of other books that are out that I want to get. I have so many lists in so many places, it is bad. My calender, my phone, and miscellaneous scraps of paper floating around...anyway, I'm looking forward to this year reading and all the new and hopefully wonderful new worlds it will bring!

I will say that every year, there is a series or two that I just love to reread for the heck of it. When that happens, I'll just refer a link to the previous review and keep on going. Short and sweet.

Happy Reading to everyone!

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