Kid Favorite Friday: Thanksgiving Part 1

November 8, 2013

I'm back again with Kid Favorite Friday! It's been a little busy and it's been hard to sit down and post about kid books. Anyway, things are calmer now and I will hopefully be able to post each Friday now.

I love Thanksgiving! It's the holiday of the fall.The weather is cooler (usually), the trees are so many shades of color (usually), and it's a time for family and family fun, and it's the kick off to the eating season...I mean Christmas season.

There are so many wonderful books during this time of the year for kids to enjoy. I myself love focusing on more of the historical books that speak about why we have Thanksgiving. The flight of the pilgrims from England to Holland and then to America, all for the sake of religious freedom. Then surviving their first year with the help of the Indians and then coming together to give thanks. Yes, there is more to the story, I'm just summarizing.

I'm going to dedicate the next three Fridays to Thanksgiving books, since three weeks from yesterday is Thanksgiving. Some will be historical and other are just going to be plain fun!
Arthur's Thanksgiving by Marc Brown

Were there any Thanksgiving books that you remember and loved?

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