Kid Favorite Friday: St. Patrick's Day

March 14, 2014

Top o' the mornin' to ya!
 It is the Friday before St. Paddy's Day and I thought it would be a wonderful time to start back with Kid Favorite Friday. I've taken a little break. The schedule has been crazy, but I couldn't miss posting some fun Irish books for ya. 

I will say, I'm Irish, I love St. Paddy's Day (it is Paddy, just FYI! Patty is short for Patricia, Paddy is short for Padrick, which is Patrick to us.) I'm unpinchable on St. Patrick's day. I love my green. Plus, St. Patrick's day isn't about green beer or parades. It's a celebration of when Patrick brought Christianity to Ireland. Spreading the love of Jesus is definitely something to celebrate. And having a little bit of lighthearted shenanigans isn't all that bad either.

 The Story of Saint Patrick by Patricia A Pingry
Patrick: Saint of Ireland by Joyce Denham

And for fun! From Veggie Tales Sumo of the Opera, the story of St. Patrick.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

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