Top Ten Tuesday: Awesome Authors

September 9, 2014

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Top Ten Nine Underrated Authors or Books in X genre
Hmm, this topic took some thinking on, on how I wanted to approach it.
I don't think an author is underrated when I find that they are awesome...and the same goes with books. So, I'm looking at this topic as authors who aren't spoken of as much in book circles, not underrated.
1. Stephanie Landsem
2. Melanie Dobson
3. Tracy Groot
4. Cliff Graham
5. Sigmund Brouwer
6. Carla Capshaw
7. Glenn Meade
8. Stephen Bly
9. Carla Stewart
I have found each of these authors has such an amazing gift for story telling. Each one can build a world and then some with their words make these characters real. I don't see them mentioned as much as others in book circles, but they are marvelous!

What is on your list today?


  1. This list has a lot of intriguing titles and I believe that I'll be picking up The Hatmaker's Heart and Chateau of Secrets before the year ends. Great list and thanks for the recommendations!

  2. I haven't read any of these, but some look really good, so I'll definitely check them out!
    My TTT

  3. Oooo, The Hatmaker's Heart sounds awesome!! I've added it to my rading wishlist!!

  4. Great list! I'd totally agree with you; these are certainly underrated authors in terms of their popularity though I don't think I've read any of their books. :)

  5. These are really good books!! I would give them a try! Nice pick!

  6. Definitely agree with Stephen Bly! I've enjoyed so many of his stories. Haven't ready any of the others. Although a few of those covers certainly intrigue me! :)

  7. Kayla, The Hatmaker's Heart was a delight as was Chateau. Each offered a unique story. :-) Thanks for visiting!

  8. Sofia, A lot of these were new to me in the last year or two, but turned out to be great!

  9. Captivated Reader, The Hatmaker's Heart was a wonderful story. Perfect if you love historical fiction! :-)

  10. Rissi, Thanks. I hadn't really heard of many of these authors till a blog tour featured them or found them on GoodReads. They were fun discoveries. :-)

  11. Giovana, Thanks for stopping by! :-)

  12. Kara, Stephen Bly books were such a fun discovery years ago. I love to spread the word on them. So glad you've enjoy them a well! :-) The covers are great at capturing attention on a few of them. Gotta love covers!


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