Jan/Feb Photo Book Challenge: Weeks 5 & 1

February 6, 2015

We are now in February. Now, I mean really, that has to have been the fastest that January has zoomed by. I keep expecting to see the Christmas tree up. 
January finished on a high note for books. Goodness! So many wonderful reads for the month. I had fun with the photo challenge, I had to keep it up for February.

Jan. Week 5:
 Day 29: Dystopian
These are just a few I've enjoyed

Day 30: January Reads
Not including audio books. It's been a good month.

Day 31: Best Book of January
Yeah, couldn't pick just one.

Feb. Week 1:
Day 1: TBR
Books on the left I hope to get to after the review books are read.

Day 2: Heartbreaker
I'm still not over this one!!

Day 3: Swoony
...It's supposed to be steamy, but I don't have many of those.
I loved the lead, Trevor. Very swoon worthy.

Day 4: Cover Buy
This is a great cover!!

If you want to participate for February, it's not too late! Check it out on Instagram, #Feb15BookChallenge.

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