Review: Daughter of the Regiment by Stephanie Grace Whitson

April 27, 2015

Title: Daughter of the Regiment
Author: Stephanie Grace Whitson
Publisher: Faith Words
Pages: 336
ISBN: 978-1-4555-2903-2
Publication Date: March 24th, 2015

Irish immigrant Maggie Malone wants no part of the war. She'd rather let "the Americans" settle their differences-until her brothers join Missouri's Union Irish Brigade, and one of their names appears on a list of injured soldiers. Desperate for news, Maggie heads for Boonville, where the Federal army is camped. There she captures the attention of Sergeant John Coulter. When circumstances force Maggie to remain with the brigade, she discovers how capable she is of helping the men she comes to think of as "her boys." And while she doesn't see herself as someone a man would court, John Coulter is determined to convince her otherwise.

As the mistress of her brother's Missouri plantation, Elizabeth Blair has learned to play her part as the perfect hostess-and not to question her brother Walker's business affairs. When Walker helps organize the Wildwood Guard for the Confederacy, and offers his plantation as the Center of Operations, Libbie must gracefully manage a house with officers in residence and soldiers camped on the lawn. As the war draws ever closer to her doorstep, she must also find a way to protect the people who depend on her.

Despite being neighbors, Maggie and Libbie have led such different lives that they barely know one another-until war brings them together, and each woman discovers that both friendship and love can come from the unlikeliest of places.
As promised, sadly and I'm sorry, a little later then I had hoped, the review for Daughter of the Regiment.

I have always loved the civil war era, I say blame it on Gone With the Wind. For as long as I can remember, there has always been something that has drawn me to that time in history. There is still so much to learn and to discover and this era seems like a treasure trove, since it is such a pivotal part in American history.

Usually when reading about the Civil War from the women's perspective, especially from the south, it is from the perspective of the Southern Belle. It was refreshing when the main character, Maggie, is from an Irish immigrant family. She isn't living in the grand splendor of the southern mansions.  She is working the farm right along side her brothers and her uncle. They are trying their best to survive. It becomes tricky when her brother's loyalties lie with that of the north. Living in the border state of the Mason Dixon line pits neighbor against neighbor and brother against brother....and in some instances, brother against sister.

That is where Libbie comes into play, because really, you have to have a southern belle in the story some where. Libbie, when first introduced is through the eyes of Maggie. So, our first thoughts of her are a little swayed, but as we get to know Libbie and the life the she lives, we realize, not all is as it seems.

It is through these women that we get to watch the story unfold. I enjoyed the idea behind this story and the background that Stephanie built. The attention to historical detail was wonderful. The history of the Civil War is so rich and there is so much to use. Stephanie took the information and just ran with it!

Too Read
4 out of 5

About the Author:
Stephanie Grace Whitson is the author of over 20 inspirational novels and two works of nonfiction. When she isn't writing, speaking, or trying to keep up with her five grown children and perfect grandchildren, Stephanie loves to take long distance rides aboard her Honda Magna motorcycle named Kitty. Her church and the International Quilt Study Center and Museum take up the rest of her free time. She received her Master of Arts degree in history in the spring of 2012. Her passionate interests in pioneer women's history, antique quilts, and French, Italian, and Hawaiian language and culture provide endless story-telling possibilities. Stephanie resides with her husband in Lincoln, NE.

Thank you to the Hachette Book Group, I received a copy of this book for free in exchange for an honest review.

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