Top Ten Tuesday: All About The Villains

October 4, 2016

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All About The Villains

Like most everyone, I love a good villain! They can sometimes make or break a story and really add a punch! Today I will be featuring villains that have really been so well written, they make me cringe, while others have been so smooth, you don't know who they really are till it's almost too late. Some villains are not a person, but something that is a personal battle. Then there are the villains that happen in real life and seeing how the person battled them was just nothing short of amazing. 

 1.) The Price of Privilege Series by Jessica Dotta

 2.) The Sentinels of Andersonville by Tracy Groot
3.) The Accidental Empress by Allison Pataki

 4.) Against the Tide by Elizabeth Camden
5.) Gods & Kings by Lynn Austin
6.) In the Shadow of Jezebel by Mesu Andrews

7.) Getting Life by Michael Morton

Who are your top villains this week?

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  1. Makes me happy to see an Elizabeth Camden novel on this list. One of THE best authors around. Also, I don't have a great memory of the baddie in Jessica Dotta's series, but I know he's not a good one. Great list! :)


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