Bookish Roadtrip: Summer Adventure Stop 1 Gettysburg, PA

July 27, 2018

For 2 weeks this summer, I was on the road and it was amazing!We drove and drove and drove, but when we stopped, we got to see so many wonderful places. I thought it would be fun for the next few weeks to share about the places we visited and the books that matched up with the these places.

Gettysburg is my first blog stop on the tour, but it was actually the last place we visited before heading home. We were tired by the time we got there, but it is a place that left a big impression!

I'm a history nerd and proud of it. Ha! This was a perfect place for me.

A few years ago, I discovered the series, Heroines Behind the Lines by Jocelyn Green. The whole series focused on women who lived during the Civil War. The second book of the series was the Widow of Gettysburg. It was a fantastic story! It touched on the full three day battle and how it affected the people of this small town. You can check out my review of the story here. Seeing the actual battlefield and town really put everything in to perspective. 

Touring the Battlefield, we bought the audio tour and drove around. I have to say, I was glad we saw it that way. We were able to pause and go and research as we wanted to. The tour book broke down each stop and gave some interesting information about people who fought and lived in the town at the time. The Battlefield is the same as it was during the battle. The only difference is all of the monuments. Seeing all the places that was represented was amazing.
We broke the tour up into two days. We were tired. The first day, we went to the visitors center and got the tour book and CD's. We also spent about 2 1/2 hours at the museum and gift shop. So many souvenirs! The museum was presented so well and had it broken up by day of the battle. It didn't stop there, it even presented information about the political climate for after the war. I thought it was a great place to visit.

 (Looking across the field that Pickett's command would charge. 1 mile of open ground. Their goal was that small patch of trees in the distance.)
 (Looking down from Little Round Top towards Devil's Den)

Another book great read was The Killer Angels by Michael Shaara. I read it in college and the history behind it was impressive. The movie, Gettysburg, follows the book very closely.

Next Friday, I will focus on another stop of this 2 week adventure.


  1. What a lovely idea for posts! Books (and movies) are so connected to places. Looking forward to the next posts.

    1. Birdie, Thank you so much! I appreciate you stopping by! I have enough things to post about for the next few weeks. It was a fun feature to think about.


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