Top Ten Tuesday: Books to Pull You Out of a Reading Slump

August 21, 2018

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Books to Pull You Out of a Reading Slump

I have fallen into many reading slumps over the years. I hate when it happens! Life pulls me away or there is a lot on my mind and getting into a book can just be hard. I've found there are just some books that know matter what can pull me out of a funk of not reading. It can either be the book itself or the author and their writing. 

These authors are just awesome and know matter the book, they can hook me and pull me into their story. They are a go to for me.
Susan May Warren
Janice Thompson
Becky Wade
Kathryn Springer
Dani Pettrey
 Historical Fiction:
I love a good historical story. It is one of my favorite genres. 
These authors have the ability to weave the history in and it is captivating!
Tracy Groot
Jody Hedlund
Jocelyn Green
I can really enjoy a good YA, especially one that is set in a very rich and vibrant world. Sometimes, just being able to escape into a different world can really jump start me back into reading. 
Mary Weber
Melanie Dickerson
Sara Ella
There are just some classics that stand out for me. Some hold fond memories or they are just interesting.
Little Woman by Lousia May Alcott
Gone with the Wind by Margret Mitchell 
Sometimes a good laugh can really change my attitude with many things, including wanting to read. A smile does a world of good!
Jen Turano
Karen Witemeyer

These are just a few of the authors and books that have helped me in the past and lately to get out of my reading slumps. Another thing that has helped me is to change up the media. I read a lot of books, bound, but sometimes an audio-book does the trick. Just a different presentation. 

What are some of your favorite authors/books to get you our of a slump?


  1. These are all new to me authors. Will have to check them out.

    1. Deanna, I've enjoyed all of them! They are all different, but fantastic.

  2. I like that you included some classics. I love those. Historical fiction and YA can usually get me out of a slump.

    Aj @ Read All The Things!

  3. Ooo!! Love to see Becky Wade's and of course, Susan May Warren, too. :)


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