Review: The Sky Above Us by Sarah Sundin

February 25, 2019

Title: The Sky Above Us
Author: Sarah Sundin
Publisher: Revell
Pages: 384
ISBN:  9780800727987
Publication Date: February 5th, 2019

About the Book:
Facing the past may be the most fearsome battle of his life.

Numbed by grief and harboring shameful secrets, Lt. Adler Paxton ships to England with the US 357th Fighter Group in 1943. Determined to become an ace pilot, Adler battles the German Luftwaffe in treacherous dogfights in the skies over France as the Allies struggle for control of the air before the D-day invasion.

Violet Lindstrom wants to be a missionary, but for now she serves in the American Red Cross, arranging entertainment for the men of the 357th and setting up programs for local children. Drawn to the mysterious Adler, she enlists his help with her work and urges him to reconnect with his family after a long estrangement.

Despite himself, Adler finds his defenses crumbling when it comes to Violet. But D-day draws near . . . and secrets can't stay buried forever.
My Thoughts:
Sarah Sundin is an author who knows her history. I know when I read one of her stories, I'm going to be transported back in time to a certain point in WW2. Her attention to detail is one I haven't really seen in this era. I've read other WW2 historical fictions, but Sarah Sundin stands out for me. Everything for the background, to the secondary characters, the equipment, to dress and hair, it all pops off of the pages.

The landing of Normandy is a time that has fascinated me. The strategy that went in to it. The strength and bravery that these men showed charging the beaches, it is a gripping and pivotal time of the war. Sarah Sundin was able to weave her characters into this back drop.

The story moved with fluidity. It just flowed for me. There was a couple of spots in the story that hit a snag, but it wasn't anything major and didn't take away from the story. This was a book that kept me turning the pages. Even though this was book 2 of the Sunrise at Normandy series, I was able to read this as a standalone....however, with all of Sarah's books, reading them all is a must.

War changes they the thoughts and ideas that people have. Violet and Alder show this. They have plans for other things, but War comes and Violet, it shifts what she thought she needed to do, into something where she offered hope to many others in another way. For Alder, war is a chance of an escape of sorts. Haunted by past issues, the war offered him away to try and do something else.

This was a story that captured me up and I can't wait to see what book Sarah will share with us next!

4 out of 5

About the Author:
Sarah Sundin is the author of The Sea Before Us, as well as the Waves of Freedom, Wings of the Nightingale, and Wings of Glory series. Her novels have received starred reviews from Booklist and Library Journal. Her popular Through Waters Deep was a Carol Award finalist, and both Through Waters Deep and When Tides Turn were named on Booklist's "101 Best Romance Novels of the Last 10 Years." Sarah lives in Northern California, where she works on-call as a hospital pharmacist.
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Thank you to the publisher, I received a copy of this book for free in exchange for an honest review.


  1. Each time I see a blogger friend review a novel by Sarah, I'm reminded how far behind I am on reading her books. I still need to read the third book in her last series, and of course, both in this newest series. Still, it's something to anticipate. :)

  2. Thank you for the lovely review, Kate! I'm so glad you enjoyed Adler & Violet's story!


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