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December 20, 2019

Tis' the Season to get all the cute Christmas picture books!
Goodness, how I have always loved this time of year and the cutest books you can ever find. 
I thought it would be fun to share some brand new releases that have arrived just in time for this wonderful time of year. If you're looking for a new tradition or for one more gift for that special kid in your life, these are just the perfect books for that!

I always loved reading new books to my daughter when she was younger. She would pour over them for hours studying the pictures and she would curl up to sleep with them. They are some of my favorite memories. She has gotten older now and has moved on to older books, but she still enjoys a good picture story book when I get them for review. 

Here are some of the brand new releases from Zonderkids I just had to share with you. 

A Very Fiona Christmas
by Richard Cowdery
Join everyone’s favorite hippo, Fiona, and all her loveable animal friends for their first heartwarming Christmas adventure through the zoo to find the answer to the question, “What’s Christmas?” This fun and whimsical book is the perfect read-aloud for fans of Fiona (and hippos) everywhere!

A follow-up to the New York Times bestselling Fiona the Hippo picture book comes A Very Fiona Christmas!

It’s Fiona the hippo’s very first Christmas, and the zoo is sparkling with holiday spirit. When the adorable little hippo asks her friends, “What’s Christmas?” they set out to show her all the wonders and excitement of the season. With each new experience Fiona lets out a snort, wiggles her ears, and asks, “Is THIS Christmas?”

Amidst the snow, twinkling lights, mistletoe, and stockings, Fiona ends up meeting a new friend at the zoo who helps her discover the true meaning of the holiday: Love. Snuggle up with your little ones and join Fiona and her adorable animal friends for a heartwarming holiday romp through the zoo. 
I have been such a Fiona fan since hearing about this sweet baby hippo. I've watched the YouTube videos and was so excited when she was able to be with her family again. Seeing this sweet book about Fiona celebrating Christmas, it was the perfect book for both the Christmas and the animal lover. The illustrations are bright and brilliant and the sweetness of the story just signs through. It was a joy to tag-along with Fiona on this Christmas adventure. 

A Savior is Born:
Rocks Tell the Story of Christmas
by Patti Rokus
By arranging a few rocks together an entire story can be told. A Savior Is Born, Rocks Tell the Story of Christmas, created by Patti Rokus, is an unforgettable picture book that uses majestic rock art and simple yet powerful text to inspire wonder and awe as the miracle of Christmas unfolds across the pages. Readers will be absorbed in the nature-filled artwork that shows the birth of Jesus and the celebration of the very first Christmas in a powerful and unique way.
A Savior is Born: Rocks Tell the Story of Christmas is just absolutely beautiful! The artist style and the best story of all come together for just a special and unique book. This book is not just one for kids, but for the whole family. I honestly want to just display this book on my coffee table. 

A Christmas Gift for Santa: A Bedtime Book
by John T. Elkins
The Christmas story you haven’t read: What happens after Santa Claus delivers all the Christmas presents to boys and girls around the world?

Is there a gift waiting for Santa at the North Pole? Cuddle up with your little ones and follow the journey through Santa’s Workshop in search of Santa’s Christmas present. With bright and whimsical illustrations, this new take on the Christmas story is sure to become the newest addition to your holiday reading tradition—especially at bedtime!

Has Mrs. Claus forgotten Santa on Christmas Eve? He searches and searches their cozy North Pole home until he finds homemade gifts waiting for him next to a beautiful handwritten note. But what does it say?

This sweet Christmas book, written by J. Theron Elkins and illustrated by Ag Jatkowska, will become a holiday favorite as children cuddle up with their parents to read this wonderful story of love and gratitude before they close their eyes to go to sleep.
This was a cute story! Perfect for the little ones. The illustrations are so much fun! They are bright and just pop off the page. It is a book that you can't help but enjoy. This is a great read-along and enjoy with your little one or with a family. They rhyming was a lot of fun and having already known the original version of this poem made it fun to see where it would go with Santa. 

The Berenstain Bears Go Christmas Caroling
by Mike Berenstain
Gather you family together and join in as Mama, Papa, Brother, Sister, and Honey Bear venture out together in the snowy, cold night and go door to door in Bear Country singing Christmas carols.

The Berenstain Bears Go Christmas Caroling also includes 4 postcards and a holiday door hanger!

In The Berenstain Bears Go Christmas Caroling, the whole Bear family is invited by the Bear Country Carolers for a round of Christmas Eve celebrations … and your whole family is invited to sing along!

This fun new book in the popular Zonderkidz Living Lights: A Faith Story series—beloved by parents, grandparents, children, and grandchildren alike—will earn a quick spot on your child’s bookshelf. You and your children will want to read and sing along together again and again as the kid-friendly text and easy-to-read, easy-to-remember song lyrics teach valuable life lessons, encourage discussion, and take you down memory lane with each subsequent reading. The Berenstain Bears Go Christmas Caroling also includes 4 punch-out postcards and a festive holiday door hanger!
I have grown-up with the Berenstain Bears. I love how Stan and Jan's son Mike has continued their story and kept these wonderful stories going. We get to join the Berenstain Bears in this fun story as they go caroling all around Bear Country. This is another fun story to read aloud and enjoy together as a family. The colors and characters are just as rich and vibrant as ever as well follow along with Mama, Papa, Brother, Sister, and Honey Bear on their Christmas Eve fun. 

Stories like these really bring so much more joy to an already magical and wonderful season!

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