Catching Fire

February 6, 2012

I'm now on to book two of the Hunger Games trilogy, Catching Fire, by Suzanne Collins.

I have to say, that this book is my all time favorite of the series. The twists in this book amazed me when I first read it. The Hunger Games pulled me in and I wanted more, but Catching Fire solidified it.

In this book, Katniss and Peeta have survived and are living their lives as victors in District 12. Their district is getting special rations once a month for a year as a reward for making it out. Katniss, her mother and Prim are living in a beautiful house in the Victor's Village. Katniss doesn't have to hunt now unless she wants to. And she has enough money to last her, her lifetime and then some.

It's been six months since the games and it's time for the victors tour. The capitol has the victors going on a celebration train ride to each district where people are supposed to celebrate the person who quite possibly killed one of their own. Pretty harsh if you ask me! They wind down the tour and the last place to visit is the Capitol.

There has been rumblings of rebellion drifting to the ears of President Snow, who did not like the outcome of the 74th Hunger Games. Here's where things get interesting. This years Hunger Games is the 75th, a Quarter Quell. One of the biggest and bloodies versions of the Hunger Games is a Quell. Every 25 years, the Capitol likes to show their might to the districts and make it a gruesome time.

Katniss and Peeta are preparing themselves to be sponsors, like Haymitch was to them to the new kids of the reaping. Nothing prepares them for the announcement President Snow makes. One male and one female victor of the previous Hunger Games will be chosen to fight in the Quell. Katniss will go back in, along with either Haymitch or Petta.

It's hard to put this book down. The new character's introduced are very vivid and likeable or you detest them. You get a few brief mentions of past games in The Hunger Games or victors, but here, you are able to "see" what they are really like.

I say this is to read!

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