February 28, 2012

I dived into Crossed by Ally Condie immediately after finishing Matched. So, that might explain my expectations for the book. I had some pretty high ones, and I was bit disappointed that I a little off in the height of expectations.

In Matched, the only view point you have is Cassia's. In Crossed, you have two points of view, Ky and Cassia. Every other chapter was Cassia. So it flip/flopped a lot between Ky and Cassia and it became a bit much to keep up with from time to time. Especially in the middle of the book when sections were only a page or two long. With the way that the book ended, I'm wondering if there are going to be three points of view in the third book. In my mind, that would be a but much, especially if it's going to be three views flipping every three chapters.

In Crossed, we pick up a little way after where we left off in Matched. Cassia is on the hunt for Ky. In the beginning, there is a lot of promise for action in the book. When Ky is in the Outer Provence and dealing with firings from the Enemy (whoever they are). And Cassia, having snuck aboard a plane is on her way to the Outer Provence as well, to find Ky.

For me, this book kind of falls flat in the middle. A build of action, to come to a lot of talking. In Matched, time of the book is spread out in several weeks. Here in Crossed, it is only a few days. After a while, the Carving becomes very tedious to read about, the place where Cassia and Ky are at. This book just seemed like a bridge between the first and last book.

Also, Cassia's mission seems to change in the middle of the book, from finding Ky, to joining the rebellion. She is at the point where she is willing to leave Ky for the rebellion and that kind of though me for a loop. The premise of the books just changed, so I was kind of grasping for something to cling to reading this book that connected it to the first one. In Matched it was being able to make your own decisions and not let the Society do it for you. Now, it was ok, I made my decision to do this, now I'm going to go and do this.

I honestly don't know where I stand on this book, so I'm going to have to say, Maybe read. I will probably read it again just to see if I missed anything, but I'm very on the fence with this book.

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