August Review

August 31, 2012

The end of the month is on me again. August went by in a blur for me. Anyway, it was a pretty good month for reading, even with everything that I had going on.

I started off the month with a couple of new releases, the first being Shadow of Night by Deborah Harkness. This is the second book in the All Souls Triology. I liked this one better then the first book, The Discovery of Witches. There was a lot of historical background in this story. It's all set in Elizabethan England. This story isn't for everyone, but it is a good read. To read!

Second book of the month was The Second Empress by Michelle Moran. This is the other new release I read. I typically like Michelle Moran's books, and this one didn't disappoint. This book was during the time of the emperor Napolian and the short stint he ruled over France and the surrounded countries. I honestly didn't know much about that time in history, so this was a very interesting book. To read!

Third for the month was another book by Michelle Moran, Cleopatra's Daughter. I think this was either the third or fourth re-read for me. Cleopatra's Daughter is about that, Cleopatra's daughter, her only daughter, taken by Caesar Augustus back to Rome as part of his triumph over Egypt, Cleopatra and Antony. The story follows Selene from the time she is 11 till right before her marriage. Michelle Moran captures Rome during this time vividly. It's enjoyable. To read!

For my fourth and final book for the month, I kind of stuck to the Roman theme. The Last Disciple by Hank Hanegraaff and Sigmund Brouwer. This is the first book in the series set during the time of Nero. Christians are being persecuted and the Disciple John has spread his text of Revelation to the believers. Arguments are flying around if Jesus was a false prophet or the true messiah. People are waiting to see if his final prophecy is to be fulfilled, the fall of the temple in Judea. To read!

All in all, it's been a good month of reading. I've knocked 4 book out of the way. My book count now stands at 34 for the year. I've come to the decision to lower my goal down to 50 at this time, if I was to still shoot for 75, I would need to read about 10 a month. That just isn't going to happen at this time. So, 50 it is and that now leaves me 16 to read to reach that goal, 4 a month. That is doable. :-)

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