The Last Disciple

August 31, 2012

I'm continuing on with the Roman theme and started a new series. The Last Disciple is the first book in The Last Disciple series buy Hank Hanergraaff and Sigmund Brouwer. I finished this a couple of nights ago, and again I was a little to tired to write about it. I've already started reading the second book in the series.

The Last Disciple takes place during the rein of Nero after the great fire. Nero has started his persecution of the Christians, using them as the scapegoat for the fire that had happened. During this time, the Christians believed they were going through the great tribulation that was written down by John while on Patmos. The authors also helped this book go down that route as well. A lot of scholars believe that the great tribulation is coming, however, looking at in the way the the new Christians dealt with it in the beginning, makes it seem like it was going on then. It is an interesting spin on the text.

As the book title says, The Last Disciple, it has the disciple John in it. He is the last with the rest of the disciple having died before. He isn't a main character in this book. He is very much a small role. His text on the other hand plays a big part. The fight between the Jews and the new Christan's, along with the Jewish converts to Christianity is on full display. The battle of trying to prove Jesus as a false prophet. People unbelieving to the fall of the temple in Judea. The unrest in Judea amongst the Romans and the Jews. Most of this is seen through the eyes of Vitas, a former Roman general, who is one of Nero's advisers. He doesn't approve of the cruelty going on, and tries to help out the victims when possible, even if it means standing up to Nero.

You follow Vitas in his travels through Roman, Symaria, and Judea. It is very rich in the descriptions. The use of Latin through out the book I liked. It is a very good thought out story. The research shows in the story. The only negative thing I saw in the story was the frequent jumping from one character to another. The most times at one point was every page and a half for one chapter. It was little hard to keep up with, but it leveled out. Other then that small part, it's a to read!

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