October 8, 2012

I finished Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer several days ago, but I needed a break from this book and series, so I just moved on to a new book.

Manipulation, lying, over protectiveness, control, and anger issues are just some of the red flags that are waving fully in the wind in this book. I really have to ask, what the heck was Stephenie Meyer thinking when she wrote this book?! Bella is 18, can't stand the thought of life with out Edward. She has to be in constant contact with him at all times and thinks the days are horribly long when he isn't there. She has horrible co-dependency problems. Jacob in the book calls him a drug to her, so basically she has an addiction problem, and usually those can kill people, and it almost has in every book. There is nothing healthy about the relationship Bella is in. Not to add to the fact the Edward all but says that Bella is forbidden to see her friend Jacob.

Jacob, isn't any better. He likes the idea of game playing and manipulating the situations to where he looks great. If he doesn't get his way, he either gets very mad or sad and pouty (yeah, I know it's not a real word). He even tells Bella, he is playing a game, it's just Edward plays it better since he is so much older. You would think, that some one who is over a 100 years old would know by now, that games don't help a situation, they hurt, but yet, there really is no brains amongst this group.

In the end, Bella has to come to a conclusion, to pick Edward, even though there is no option in her mind, or Jacob, who is just a friend, but hey he cares for her, so he can make her care for him by forcing him on her and kissing her several time. So while in a "committed" with Edward, she kisses Jacob in a ploy he came up with, while Edward knows, plays his game and wins Bella for himself. This is not a healthy story for girls to read, then think it's ok to be treated this way! Girls are worth far more then Bella Swan shows. Girls are not here to just be with a boy for the rest of her life...and that brings me to my second rant.

Bella wants to be with Edward forever, but doesn't want to marry him. She wants to live forever with Edward as a vampire, but yet can't stand the thought of marriage, because, of my gosh what would her friends think? She calls her mom immature and thinks about how she is the only adult having to take care of her dad. She is all over the place, young, and has no idea what life is about, but thinks she is smart and mature. This will lead other girls to think that they can think the same thing or that can relate and act the same way.

Bella spends a lot of the book lying to her mom and dad, thinking that she is ok for doing this since she is protecting them. Her parents just look the other way and they let Bella get away with a lot of crap.It infuriates me.

All and all, this book pissed me off. There is nothing positive in the story.. Not to read!

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