New Moon

September 25, 2012

I have started down the path, and I need to finish. I'm half way through this saga. I just finished New Moon by Stephenie Meyer, or as I like to now call it, "Bella whines like a four year old because she can't get what she wants and doesn't believe there is a life to live with out a guy."

The book starts off, right off the bat with Bella freaking out because she is turning 18...still a teenager, but because she is now technically one year older then Edward in age description, it's the end of the world, she is going to have wrinkles and grey hair now. She pesters Edward and annoys me with her constant begging to be changed to a vampire. They've only been together over summer, it's now September at the start of the book. She just wants to be immortal and be with Edward forever!!11!

Edward's sister plans a lavish birthday party for Bella with the rest of the vampire brood. And of course, because Bella is a charming, klutz (please note sarcasm) she gets a massive paper-cut, and Jasper, Edward's brother is ready for dinner. So to protect Bella, Edward throws her into a table full of crystal dinner ware. Because that is how a normal boyfriend would protect his already bleeding girlfriend. And more blood ensues. Talking of people's souls happens, Edward pouts, knowing he isn't healthy for Bella. So, like a healthy relationship that these two are in, they don't talk about any of their problems, Edward distances himself from Bella, manipulating her into thinking he doesn't care about her. He leads her to a quiet spot in the woods and dumps her, leaving her to collapse into a pit of depression where her world crumbles and we shuffle through a few pages with months written on them to show us how useless Bella is without a guy. How her world isn't anything unless she is with a guy. She looses all of her friends, because they know that life goes on when a relationship ends.

So, like any normal teenager, Bella decides to become a daredevil and risk her life to hear Edward's voice in high risk situations. First, she approaches a bar with skeevy guys out front, scaring her friend, then she finds motorcycles, that her father hates, so she hide the fact from him and takes them to her long forgotten friend Jacob. He is the only one who seems normal to this point. He agrees however to hide all of this from Bella's dad and they work on the bikes, taking the money that was Bella's college fund, because being a daredevil is far more important, so she can hear her lost love's voice. So, with many injuries and trips to the ER, Bella stops with the motorcycles when Jacob becomes sick, then cuts off contact with out explanation.

Now it is time for the red flags of Jacob:
1. Anger issue
2. Manipulation...not to the point of Edward however.
3. Lying
4. Controling

Yet again we have a guy that is telling her, he isn't good for her, so she throws herself full force in trying to persuade him, that no, he is wrong, she can only survive with a guy. She doesn't want to go back into the hole of despair when Edward left. She feels not quite normal yet, but close to it with Jacob, because he is second best and now he is dumping her too.

Like with Edward, she is able to figure out that Jacob is a werewolf. She also finds out from another vampire (who wanted to kill her) that Victoria (a second vampire) wants to kill her too. The werewolves come to her aid to protect her. They kill the first one, Laurent, then keeps tabs, while trying to kill Victoria.

Bella is board, since Jacob is on patrol, so she decided she needs a rush so she can hear Edward again. So she decided to jump off a cliff. This girl should have been put on a antidepressant a long time ago. She gets her wish. She hears him, but nearly drawns.

Alice shows up out of the blue. She is surprised that Bella is alive. They get word that Edward thinks Bella is dead, he is going to commit suicide...thank you drama queen! Good grief, nobody can function with out a better half here.

So Alice and Bella, at the last second rush to Italy where Edward has gone and save him. Bella promises the "royal vampire clan" that she will become a vampire too, so they won't kill her, which means she is thrilled, since she can finally get what she wants.

They head back home. Bella is fearful again with her low self esteem issues about how Edward meant what he said about how she wasn't good enough for him and what not.She finally realizes that he really can lover her (gag me with a spoon), but he doesn't plan to ever change her, then when she dies, he will kill himself. Such wonderful role models here.

Bella forces her way to the Cullen houses, they almost all agree for her to be a vampire. Edward his mad, and Bella is begging whoever is there to change her ASAP. The girl has no brain. So she agrees after a time to after graduation. She would love Edward to change her, but is ok if his dad would do it. So, Edward said he would if Bella would marry him.

She thinks he is joking of course, because, hey even though you want to be with someone forever, she has commitment issues. Really, what is the though process here? I don't get it!!

Most people didn't like this book because Edward leaves. I didn't like it because it is full of screwed up people! As you can see, there is a lot of nit-picking. Girls think that this kind of behavior is good, it isn't!! Girls need to learn to hold out for better. I need to stop now or this will be a novel. Not to read!!

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