Covenant of War

February 1, 2013

I finished Covenant of War by Cliff Graham late last night. This is the second book in the Lion of War Series and I just have to say, it was just as good as the first one! And like the first book, this book isn't for everybody, it has a stronger blood content then most Christian books, but it isn't gory. There are adult themes.

Covenant of War takes place 7 years after the last book. David is king, however all is not at peace. Strife and mistrust amongst the tribes of Judea is strong. However, they are all together in wanting to destroy the Philistines. This book follows Eleazar, who is not only one of David's elite Thirty, but also, one of the Three. The best of the best of the warriors.

David in the 7 years has become soft, letting this army scatter a bit and has become more enamored with the concubines in his harem. There is is a spy amongst his Thirty feeding information to the Philistines. A harsh drought has hit the lands making it tough for everyone in the valley. It seems like God isn't there for them, but He shows that he is.

This book/series is a to read! I really enjoyed seeing how battle was during this time. That probably sounds a bit morbid, but it's interesting. War today is all really fought at a distance it seems, planes, drones, guided missiles. Here, it's hand to hand combat with swords, javelins, knives, clubs. You fight hand to hand with your adversary, you see their strength or fear in their eyes. That seems to hard. It's a good insight to the times.

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