February 26, 2013

I finished Voyager by Diana Gabaldon a couple of days ago, late one night. I'm happy that I'm staying on track reading these massive tomes. :-)

At the end of Dragonfly In Amber, we learned that Jamie didn't die in the battle of Culloden. The first part of Voyager, we learn what happened to Jamie in the last 20 years. Through the research, Clarie and her daughter Brianna, and friend Roger, they are able to track Jamie through records of the English and they find him. Now, Claire has to make a decision, to stay with her daughter, or go through the standing stones again to find Jamie.

She decides to go.

Many surprises are in store for Claire, since only certain places have been recorded of where he has been, just not what he was doing. When things slowly start to get back to normal, Claire and Jamie are thrown for a loop, when out on retrieval mission, Jamie youngest nephew Ian is taken. This book takes you from Scotland to France, and on to several islands in Hispaniola and to Jamaica. So much detail has been applied to this book and so much history.

I read a few years ago, that the Outlander series was supposed to end at this book and leave it a trilogy...I'm so glad that didn't happen! This is one of my favorite series. So much happens and leaves you wanting more.

We meet some new characters and are reintroduced to some old ones we never thought we would see again. Diana Gabaldon never looses her stride in her writing and keeps you wanting more. This is a to read!

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