Drums of Autumn

March 8, 2013

I stayed up late last night finishing Drums of Autumn by Diana Gabaldon.These books really are hard to put down, especially when you are so close to the end.

Claire is happy with Jamie, they are in America with Ian, Jaimie's nephew, and Fergus and his wife and child. It's been over 6 months since Claire went through the stones to go back. Brianna, Claire and Jamie's daughter is in the future/ present...however you would like to look at it. She had been keeping up with Roger Wakefield off and on since Claire left.

Roger had fallen for Brianna the first time he saw her. Much has happened between them while they were helping Claire research the past, plus they also share a link, they can travel through the stones as well. They found this out when they helped Claire.

Claire and Jamie are content. They have been given a land grant for a huge area of land in the back country. They are making their life and are happy. In the future, Brianna and Roger both stumble on a death notice from and old colonial newspaper. Claire and Jamie had died in a house fire. Neither know, that the other person knows of the notice. Roger does his best to hide the notice from Brianna, he knows she will want to go back and save them. However, Brianna has been making her own plans and Roger only finds it out, after all of Brianna things are delivered to him. Roger follows Brianna through the standing stones.

As I read these stories again, I can't help thinking of logical questions. Not about the story itself, but about the theory of time. For time travelers, they can go to anytime...well, within 200 years through the stones. It makes me wonder in this world, is time just a dial that just keeps spinning and repeating itself? Claire in the future finds old paper work, that she signed in the past, but then finds a younger Gillie in the future and an older Gillie in the past. These stories make me think.

Anyway, back to the book! Brianna, meets her family. All this time, she didn't have much family at all, but now, she is surrounded by cousins and her aunt and uncle. She just loves it, but she wants to find her family and with her families help she is on her way to America. Roger catches up to Brianna in America. She is scared and happy all at once. However, to keep the story going, they are separated again, however this time, they are hand-fasted, a temporary marriage between them.

Brianna finds her parents and finally meets her dad!  But the story doesn't end there. There is so much to this book, it's hard to write it all out. With Black Jack Randall gone and Gillie Duncan gone, we are introduced to a new villain, Stephen Bonnet. Boy, does he have his hand in everything.

It is a very fast paced book and I enjoyed every bit of it again. To read!

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