The Fiery Cross

March 26, 2013

I did it, I was bound and determined to finish The Fiery Cross by Diana Gabaldon by this afternoon, and I reached my goal.

This book took me a little longer then the others in the series so far. Don't get me wrong, I did enjoy it. However, there were a few parts that did lag. There are two parts in particular in the book where time seems to drag, not reading it, but in the book. There are several chapters dedicated to a short amount of time in a day. It didn't feel like I was moving forward. There is a lot of information and it is important, but at these two parts it seemed a bit tedious. The first part was right at the beginning, the second part was right in the middle.

Moving on to the story. :-) Other then those two spots, the story had me. Roger and Brianna get married! It isn't a long wait for this happen, however there are issues that arise that seem like it might not happen. Thankfully, it does and our young couple is happy!

Claire and Jamie enjoy the celebration, but they are all ready to get back to the Fraser Ridge, and so is everyone else. The Fiery Cross picks up right where Drums of Autumn ends, at the Gathering. We meet several new characters in this book and see a lot of our favorites and not so favorites of them Stephen Bonnet. This guy just doesn't go away! Oh, my goodness! It's to the point where you are rooting for someone to just shoot the guy and be done with it. So many close calls...but sadly, he is still alive and kicking.

There was also several close calls for two of my favorites in this story. It almost a short marriage for Roger and Brianna. We are now in the 1770's, getting ever so closer to the American Revolution. Claire, Brianna, and Roger know what is coming and have warned Jamie of the up and coming troubles. However, Jamie is bound by duty to the Governor of the land to help with the militia.Regulators have banned together to protest the issues of the time and Jamie is brought forward to lead the men of the area. He goes and so does Claire and Roger, who pledged to stand next to Jamie.

During the skirmish, Roger is caught on the other side of the lines for a task. He is caught by a group of men, selfish, ruthless. He is brought before the Governor and is set to hang with out even the ability to speak for himself. The first time going through this story, I knew that Jamie would come forward in time and all will be well. Boy was I dumb founded when Diana Gabaldon hanged Roger! He was hung!! NO!!! Thankfully, he lives, all by the stupidity of the hangmen. For one thing, he was too tall, and they used a new rope (thank goodness!) However, he wouldn't sing again. His voice is gone.

The second gut wrenching part...Jamie...we almost loose Jamie! Not once, but twice, to a snakebite. Mind you, it was the same bite that almost killed him twice. Such a hard thing to read. You can't help but think about Claire and Brianna. You hope that the story won't lead you that way. Thankfully, it doesn't! Jamie pulls through!

After so much turmoil in this book, I was so happy for the happy ending, of sorts. Happy that we have a favorite character return, Ian! However, he isn't he same boy who left to go live with the Mohawk, but he is back.

The Fiery Cross was all over the place. I do like it! It is a to read!

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