Name Change in Progess

May 27, 2018

Changes are coming to the blog!

I'm thrilled to announce that Too Read or Not Too Read is shifting to The Shelf Life.
I started Too Read or Not Too Read years ago...6 1/2 years to be exact, and over time I realized, it was a name that just wasn't me.

After a lot of thought and research, the name is switching to The Shelf Life. I live among the shelves and this just seems to be a perfect fit.

I've been rolling out the changes on social media already. Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook have been changed. The change has also happened on Bloglovin. I've created an account for the blog on Google+. That should be up and going soon.

I have just one more change to go and I can't wait to unveil it y'all!

Hope y'all are having a great Memorial Weekend!

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