Waiting On Wednesday: The Reckoning of Gossamer Pond

June 13, 2018

Waiting On Wednesday is a weekly feature to spotlight an up and coming release you are most excited about. 

This week I decided to go a whole other route then the previous books I've featured recently. Different time lines, murder, mystery, chaos! All transpire in this up-and-coming release. I love a good mystery. When done right, I think about it for days. I love stories that have different time lines. It is fun and you get the best of both historical and contemporary. 

This story, sounds like it will be one to hook me! Jamie Jo Wright is a new to me author, I have heard fantastic things about her previous book, The House on Foster Hill. The look of this up and coming release has caught my eye. I think I need to go and read the previous book before this new one!

Waiting On:
Title: The Reckoning at Gossamer
Author: Jamie Jo Wright
Publisher: Bethany House
Publication Date: July 3rd, 2018

About the Book:
For over a century, the town of Gossamer Grove has thrived on its charm and midwestern values, but Annalise Forsythe knows painful secrets, including her own, hover just beneath the pleasant faade. When a man is found dead in his run-down trailer home, Annalise inherits the trailer, along with the pictures, vintage obituaries, and old revival posters covering its walls. As she sorts through the collection, she's wholly unprepared for the ramifications of the dark and deadly secrets she'll uncover.

A century earlier, Gossamer Grove has been stirred into chaos by the arrival of controversial and charismatic twin revivalists. The chaos takes a murderous turn when Libby Sheffield, working at her father's newspaper, receives an obituary for a reputable church deacon hours before his death. As she works with the deacon's son to unravel the mystery behind the crime, it becomes undeniably clear that a reckoning has come to town--but it isn't until another obituary arrives that they realize the true depths of the danger they've waded into.

Two women, separated by a hundred years, must uncover the secrets within the borders of their own town before it's too late and they lose their future--or their very souls.
What book are you waiting on this week?
Has a new to you author catch your attention lately?

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