Review: Diamond in the Rough

October 11, 2019

 Title: Diamond in the Rough
Author: Jen Turano
Publisher: Bethany House
Narrator: Andrea Emmes
Narration Time: 11hrs & 26min
Publication Date: September 3rd, 2019

About the Book:
When Miss Poppy Garrison accepts her grandmother's offer of financial help for her family in exchange for Poppy joining the New York social Season, she quickly realizes she is far less equipped to mingle with the New York Four Hundred than even she knew. As she becomes embroiled in one hilarious fiasco after another, becoming the diamond of the first water her grandmother longs her to be looks more impossible by the day.

Reginald Blackburn, second son of a duke, is in New York to help his cousin find an American heiress who can help save his family's estate. But when his very proper British manners lead Poppy's grandmother to request he teach etiquette to Poppy, he quickly finds himself in for much more than he bargained for.

And while they couldn't be more opposite, Reginald and Poppy just might find they have more to teach each other than they ever could have expected.

My Thoughts:
I couldn't wait long to see what happened next in the American Heiress series by Jen will power I tell you. I have to say, I really, really, really enjoyed Diamond in the Rough. I liked it so much more then book 1 of the series. This had everything I was hoping for! Poppy was a fabulous character and this book was everything I would hope for in a Jen Turano book. The main thing I always hope for is a comradery of friends, and this had it and then some. 

Poppy is basically black mailed by her grandmother to be apart of a season in New York. I wasn't sure how I was going to like the relationship between the two in the beginning, but I will say I was pleasantry surprised and enjoyed their interactions all the more as the story moved forward. 

During this unique season that Poppy is working toward, she is literally thrown in the path of Reginald Blackburn, who gives a very nice impression of Mr. Darcy when first introduced to. He comes out of his shell much sooner however, and he is really enjoyable to read about and when he is with Poppy, you can't help but swoon a little bit as he lets his guard down for her a little more. 

This was a fun story to read and listen too. I loved how Jen was able to tie not only book one into here, but also her previous series, Apart of the Crowd with a fun little Easter Egg thrown in. You'll have to read it to find it. :-) 

The narration of this story was done so well. Andrea Emmes is fun to listen to. I can picture Poppy well with her voice carrying her though the story. I will admit, it took a little getting adjusted to her mail, British voice, but it didn't take long. She kept the character separate and carried the story well with their own unique voices.

The characters in this book all worked so well together. Murray had a lot of growing to do, but half way through, you couldn't help but route for him. George, Poppy's grandpa....all you would ever want in a grandpa. Beatrix...I honestly can't wait for her book to come out....I will however, since it is set to release May 5th of 2020 (keep an eye out!). Beatrix is a strong personality who blends with all of her friends.

Poppy was not raised among the New York 400, but because of that, her heart and mind are on other things and she becomes a light in the story. Her character and heart are ones that I know I would wish to have more of. 

This story was a lot of fun and very sweet to read. I'm so happy this series in audiobook format, it helps me multitask and bring joy wherever I can go. 

This one is a must!

5 out of 5

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