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February 10, 2020

I don't usually share personal things on my blog. I like the anonymity. I'm a shadow lurker by nature, always with a book in hand. 

Even though I live for being a person of discretion, when something of the personal nature comes up that affects my blogging, I have to share about it. 

My blogging as of late has been sketchy with the timing I know. Life has just up-heaved me in all directions. We finally moved into the house we were building at the end of October, beginning of November. I know that is the time when my blogging tanked.

Well, a couple of weeks before that, I found out I was expecting!
You are reading this now as I'm sitting in the middle of my 2nd trimester. 
Baby W is due in June 2020.
(Baby @ 9 weeks)
Baby W is the reason my blogging has tanked in the recent weeks/months. 

With my first child, I was diagnosed with Hyperemesis Garvidirum and I have it again with baby #2.
People call it extreme morning sickness....that is actually very far from the truth. Crackers and ginger do nothing to touch this illness. My body fights the pregnancy. My HCG levels are more than double what a normal singleton pregnancy is and because of that my body reacts in a very negative way. 

I'm currently on several anti-nausea meds to help combat this illness. They are the same ones that they give to cancer patients. But, they don't always work. The meds help in keeping me from being as sick as what I can be, but I'm still nauseous all day, everyday. Eating is the last thing on my mind. I suffer from severe aversions. It's a battle to drink. As a lot of things don't stay down long. Weight loss is hitting hard (usually not a bad thing, except for now) my doctor is closely monitoring it and with that exhaustion has set in. It takes a lot of energy to go to work every day. I've become anemic with an iron deficiency. My protein levels are low. So we have to watch organ functions. This condition can affect kidneys, liver, and the heart. I'm thankful I have so much support. I was far away from my family when I had my daughter, so this is a whole new experience. A bit harder medically speaking, but so much easier being close to loved ones and having everyone I need right by me.

I'm very thankful that I'm not as bad as some women who battle this. As I write this, I have yet to need to go to the hospital for fluids, it's been close, which is something that is regular with HG. I had to a couple of times with my daughter. 

Hyperemesis was brought to the spotlight in the last few years in part of the Kate Middleton in England suffering with it and also comedian Amy Shumer. 

This is the condition that killed Charlotte Bronte. She wasted away due to being pregnant. Thankfully, medical science has come a long way, but sadly, HG is one that is still not widely known about. Only about 2% of  pregnant women will suffer with this and it is something that can be passed down genetically. 

If you would like to read up more on Hyperemesis, you can follow the link provided.
The HER Foundation is the leading site in sharing the knowledge of HG and the research behind it.

I thankfully I have a very knowledgeable doctor assisting me with all of this. It is a trial and error trying to figure out a medication combo that will help tame the illness and nausea that will allow me to freely eat and drink again. 
However, if you could spare some prayers for relief and rest, I would be forever grateful.
Baby W is healthy. I'm very grateful about that.

I will blog about books still, but it may not be as prolific as I once was as we get closer to summer, but I'm still here. 
I will also give some updates on Baby W as I go. 

If you have made it this far in reading, bless you!
I wish I had a cookie to give you.

Now, for some fun news!
We found out the gender of Baby W!

Drum-roll please.........

Baby W is a boy!

Despite all of the sickness, we are beyond thrilled.

Thank you for visiting.
 I know it isn't the normal books news, but I'll be back to that soon. :-) 


  1. CONGRATS, Kate! Sorry to hear of all these challenges you're going through. Wishing you a happy, healthy baby. :)

    1. Thank you Rissi! It's been tough, but the end is the most important part. :-) Not too much longer now.

  2. Congratulations!! Your life is in full speed!!


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