The Heretic Queen

September 14, 2012

I finished The Heretic Queen by Michelle Moran in a day. What can I say, where you're sick, there just isn't much else to do. I've read this book several other times, it is very enjoyable and hard to put down.

The name of the book really doesn't fit with the book, or I should say the main character, Nefertari. This is a historical fiction book, so to make the gaps in the Egyptian throne to work, Nefertari, is the niece of the queen Nefertiti. The spare princess would have been a better title, but it works since Nefertari is living under the shadow of her heretic (to Ancient Egyptians) aunt and family. Nefertari is struggling to survive in a court full of intrigue, greed, murder and betrayal, as others try to advance and push their own agendas and Nefertari out of the way.

All Nefertari wants to do is marry her best friend, Rameses, the future Pharaoh of Egypt and be his Chief Wife. However, to do either, she has to play a game more strategic then chess. Nefertari has to change from the wild princess that she was, into an educated helpmate to the ruler of Egypt.

To read!

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