The Final Chapter of Chance McCall

December 20, 2012

I finished the the 2nd book in the Austin/Stoner Files a few days ago, The Final Chapter of Chance McCall by Stephen Bly. Unlike most of the second books in recent trilogies, this book progresses the story of Lynda and Brady into another fun adventure and brings them closer together in their relationship.

It's fun to read this series. The characters are real, they fight, the make up, they have special little nervous habits. You can relate with them. They have faith and like most of us, it's not always 100% steady, there are a few doubts as to why, it seemed the reason for something to happen, only to have them question themselves, wondering if maybe not, but the answer is shown later on.

Like the first book, there is humor, adventure, new and intriguing characters. I will also say, that this has one of the best endings for a book and I love it! It's a to read! You really can't go wrong with this series.

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