The Lost Manuscript of Martin Taylor Harrison

December 11, 2012

Since November stunk on the reading, I went to one of my favorites, The Lost Manuscript of Martin Taylor Harrison by Stephen Bly.

I have read this book/series many times over the last few years. It has a little bit of everything; adventure, suspense, action, mystery, and a possibility of some romance (not the bad kind, the good kind that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy) and all set out in the west, where men are gentlemen and women are treated like ladies and hospitality reins supreme!

Lynda Dawn Austin is an editor for a New York City publisher. It just seems that life as she knows it is what she is supposed to do, until a fascinating  character appears at the publishing house with an interesting manuscript and an even more interesting and perplexing story behind it. Lynda Austin, to get answers and to publish this book, sets out on the adventure of a life time. With the help of an (amazing) bareback riding, cowboy named Brady Stoner, Lynda's life is thrown out of the rut it has become and possibly setting her on the course the good Lord had in mind for her.

The humor of the story is great and the characters are real. I'm not going to say seem, because, these characters just jump off the page and they live and breathe as you read about them. That is something that I haven't seen often with other authors, but Stephen Bly can do it! To read!

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