Kid Favorite Friday: For the little bit older kid

September 27, 2013

Last week was crazy and I never got around to doing a Kid Favorite Friday. This week, it's a little later in the day...but it is on Friday!

I decided to focus today on kids books for the little bit older kid...8-13 year-olds. There are so many different kinds of books out there, but like with adult books, I'm picky. I will pick up a kids book and read it, so when my kiddo gets to that age, I know I won't hand over something that would make me want to hit my head into a wall. I have found one series, I could not get through. I won't mention it, but it was turned into a movie... and the movie was 100x better.

These are a few books that start a series that I have found well written and can keep your attention.

The Red Pyramid by Rick Riordan
Meet Kirsten by Janet Beeler Shaw
Andi Unexpected by Amanda Flower
Little House in the Big Woods by Laura Ingalls Wilder

Some of these I read when I was younger and others I have just came across. I would recommended these to any older kid who wants a little adventure. They are all well written and the stories are fun.


  1. I am totally with you on Harry Potter and the Kane Chronicles. I feel as if some people undergrade Middle Grade novels and therefore refuse to read them. They need to realize that they can be great books too!

  2. Gabrielle, I agree, some people do kind of blow them off, but they can be important stepping stones. They were important for me in my early struggles with reading. I'm all for a good middle grade book!

    Thanks for stopping by! I appreciate your thoughts!

  3. I love Potter, so yes to that one! I also love the Percy Jackson series, so shout out to that one too! I can't wait for my nieces to get a bit older so we can share these amazing stories :)

  4. Jamie, I agree! I can't wait for the kiddo and the little cousins to get older. They are going to be submerged in books! :-)


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