Pausing for just a moment

September 11, 2013

I like to stop and pause for a moment on this day.

September 11th, 2001...that day has been ingrained into my mind for as long as I live.

I remember everything I did that day and when I did it.

I had just started my senior year in high school and I was getting ready that morning to go to work. My grandma called and my mom spoke with her for a minute, only to hurry to the remote to turn on the TV. What we saw was crazy. There on the screen was one of the World Trade Centers on fire. Smoke billowing out of the top of. Peter Jennings, I believe, was on air, confused over what was going on. Rumors were that a small biplane had hit the building. With that much smoke, that was hard to believe...that was when the second airplane was spotted. Me and my mom watched as the second plane slammed into the second tower.

There was no denying that we were under attack at that point. It was hard to pull myself away, but my responsibility to my job called me away.

Through out the day, at the preschool where I worked, I would check the radio when the kids weren't around. I heard about the attack on the Pentagon, then of the 4th plane that had slammed into the ground in Pennsylvanian.I heard the rumors that the 4th plane was a freak accident, but in my gut, I knew those rumors were wrong. Some kids in the preschool were taken out early that day. It wasn't till after I had gotten home in the mid-afternoon, did I see what devastation had really occurred.
I watched the replay of the Twin Towers falling...

I watched every news story that week. We collected every newspaper with the headlines of what was going on.

Finally, we just had to turn off the TV and just pray.

I remember the nation rallying together. I remember the unity that was felt and the patriotic spirit was great!

In the years since 9/11, the day has changed in its importance to me. When it happened, I was just a watcher. I was just a citizen of the country that was just brutally attacked. Now, 12 years later, and two wars, I have become more connected to 9/11 and remembering it has become more important. I was married to a service member and made friends with service members. I lost two friends in war. I have made friends with other military spouses and have cryed with them as loved ones leave for deployment and celebrated the returns. I now have family and friends who are first responders.

The sacrifices that those men and women mean so much more to me now, then they did in the past. I will never forget the people who were killed on that dark day. The firefighters who rushed up those stairs not knowing what awaited them at the top. The the police who were evacuating the area. The paramedics who were prepping for the injured. The men and women in the Pentagon. The men and women who just went to work like usual that day. And the men and women on the flight 93, who gave their lives over taking the plane back, to save whomever the last target was going to be.

I thank all those people lost that day for their sacrifice and I thank the service members in our military who willingly go to fight today. Our country has remained free because of these sacrifices and I will never forget, they will always be remembered.


  1. Such vivid images, Kate. Your words are so heartfelt they tugged at my heart.

    The Lord bless you. Many times, we don't know why certain things have / had to happened, but we know that all things come together for the good of those who love him.

    I'm so sorry for all America had to go through - and is still going through because of 9/11. Hats off to you all for standing together.

    My thoughts will be with you, Kate, - and the country- , today.

    Thank you, Kate. <3

  2. Beautifully written Kate! Thank you so much for sharing - such a great reminder to pause, remember and honor the lives and sacrifice. :)

  3. Ganise, that is very true! Everything has a purpose through the Lord. Thank you for your sweet words and for your thoughts!

  4. Jamie, Thank you. Today for me is about remembering the ones who sacrificed and their families.

  5. Each time I think about flight 93, I realize there is the definition of TRUE heroes (they sadly lost their lives but saved who knows how many). As are all of the men and women who saved lives that day and have fought to maintain our freedom. I cannot ever express the gratitude to those who have made such a sacrifice.

    Thank you for this, Kate - never will forget this day. <3

  6. Rissi, it is true. The people on Flight 93 were true heroes. They laid down their lives for others. They lived out the true love that the Bible depicted. They were amazing people.


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