Bookish Road Trip: Boston, MA Stop 6

October 19, 2018

For 2 weeks this summer, I was on the road and it was amazing!We drove and drove and drove, but when we stopped, we got to see so many wonderful places. I thought it would be fun for the next few weeks to share about the places we visited and the books that matched up with the these places.

Boston for us was the halfway point of the trip this summer, but to me it was the highlight. I loved Boston! It was so much fun. It was mix of old and new. The history of the Revolutionary War and Dunkin' Donuts. I mean really, you can go wrong with that! 

We spent a couple of days in Boston, I could have spent more time, it was fabulous! The food, the was all awesome to me. 

Hope Undaunted by Julie Lessman
A Heart Revealed by Julie Lessman
Against the Tide by Elizabeth Camden

I loved Against the Tide. It was fantastic story all set against the backdrop of Boston. It was a book that hooked me on Elizabeth Camden's writing. 
I have had Julie Lessman's series sitting on my TBR shelf for a while. I have heard amazing things of this family series set against Boston, and I can't wait to read them!

II had to keep myself under control in buying things in Boston, these are just the 2 books we picked up. I did buy a couple of books for my brother, he loves Boston. If you ever go, I really recommended The Complete Guide to the Freedom Trail. It had some great information for every stop along it, with the history of the places listed. 

My kiddo ended up getting the most souvenirs from Boston, so many things! Shirts, hats, mugs, stuffed animals, it's a good thing we drove, it would have been hard to fly back with it all. 

 The first day in Boston, we toured the North End and started the Freedom Trail. Seeing America's oldest neighborhood was just fantastic. I loved the buildings there. I took a lot  of pictures there. There is nothing like this where I love. 

 One of the first visits on the Freedom Trail was a historic grave yard. It was well maintained and had some very old tombstones. Across the street was the fun little building.

 We got to make it to the Old North Church on the First Day and saw a lot of the sights around it. 
Including the Paul Revere statue which is just behind the Church. 

And we stopped at Mike's Pastry.
If you ever go, you need to stop here!!

We walked the whole Freedom Trail. The history and the stories along the way were really interesting. There was was small part I was really bummed about. The Old Corner Bookstore has been turned into a Chipotle....I gave it some series side eye. It didn't fit at all. 

It was close to the 4th of July. It was busy, but not crazy. The weather was the best and I honestly was sad when I left this city. 

 Had to see an old Tavern while we were there. It is history and all. ;-)

I haven't been as consistent with this feature as I had hoped, but I do have more stop to show. Hopefully next week, but if I skip a week, it's ok. It works well with Thanksgiving. 

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