The Seven Trilogy by Sara Davison Tour Blitz

October 20, 2018

The  Seven  Trilogy

We are celebrating these gorgeous new covers for the Seven trilogy by Sara Davison, with a blog blitz and giveaway hosted by JustRead Publicity Tours!


The  End  Begins  -  

final  cover Title: The End Begins (Seven Trilogy #1)
Author: Sara Davison Publisher:
Ashberry Lane/WhiteFire Publishing
Romantic Suspense

One of them is a prisoner and one of them is free. The same one.

Bookstore owner Meryn O’Reilly and Army Captain Jesse Christensen are on opposite sides of a battle. When martial law is declared, Jesse and his platoon are sent to Meryn’s city to keep an eye on the Christians and make sure they are not stepping outside of the confines of the law.

Fiery and quick-tempered, Meryn chafes under the curfew and other restrictions to her freedom. Jesse is equally amused, intrigued, and terrified by her spirit, knowing she could find herself in prison if she shows defiance to the wrong soldier.

His worst fears are realized when she commits a crime he cannot protect her from. Now they both face an uncertain future, and the very real threat of losing everything, including their lives. With time running out, Jesse works feverishly to convince the authorities to show leniency to Meryn. And to convince her that love can overcome any barrier that lies between them.  

“Caleb.” Jesse ground out the word. “If you want to live to see another day, you will not finish that sentence.” His fists clenched. Caleb had a couple of inches and about thirty pounds on him, but Jesse figured he had in his favour the fact that he was spitting mad at the moment.

His friend didn’t finish the sentence, just looked at him and then exhaled loudly. “You’d really do it, wouldn’t you?”


“Take a swing at me.”

“Say one more word about how beautiful she is or how good the two of you would be together and you’ll find out.”

“Jess. You know I would never, in a million years, go after a woman you were interested in, don’t you?”

The muscles across his shoulders relaxed slightly. “So what, you were messing with me?”

“I’d never do that either.”

Jesse cocked his head.

Caleb grinned. “Okay, I would do that. But that’s not what I was doing now.”

“Then what?”

“I was assessing the situation to see how much trouble you’re in here.”

“And?” Jesse’s knees felt suddenly weak, and he walked over to the table and sank down onto one of the red, padded chairs.

Caleb’s grin faded. “You’re in a lot of trouble.”

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The  Darkness  

Deepens  1  (1) Title: The Darkness Deepens (Seven Trilogy #2)  
Author: Sara Davison
Publisher: Ashberry Lane/WhiteFire Publishing
Genre: Romantic Suspense

(formerly The Dragon Roars)

Their Secrets Protect Them ... But Secrets are Hard to Keep

No one in the army can find out that Captain Jesse Christensen has become a believer. He and bookstore owner Meryn O’Reilly are forced to meet in secret, facing imprisonment or worse if they are found together. Their relationship deepens, but so does Lieutenant Gallagher ’ s hatred for the Christians in their city. As Gallagher ’ s power grows, it becomes clear that his connections go much further up the chain of command than anyone realized, putting all believers, especially Jesse, in extreme danger.

Meryn wants to give her heart to Jesse fully, but her past holds her back. Although circumstances conspire to keep her silent, she needs to tell him her secret. When he finds out what she has been keeping from him, nothing will stand between them anymore. Or nothing will ever be the same. 
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The  Morning  Star  

Rises  flaming  books  LA Title: The Morning Star Rises (Seven Trilogy #3)  
Author: Sara Davison  
Publisher: Ashberry Lane/WhiteFire Publishing  
Genre: Romantic Suspense

In the Midst of all the Fear and Confusion, Only One Thing is Clear ... This Isn’t Over Yet

Jesse Christensen is out of the army, but the real battle has just begun. Major Gallagher has taken over the city and his oppression of believers has intensified. But is Gallagher acting in a professional capacity, or is he carrying out a personal vendetta?

Meryn O’Reilly faces a dark and uncertain future after shocking revelations devastate her life. She is determined to follow God’s call, but her plans could cost her everything. She and Jesse struggle to surrender fully to a God who is always in control, even when circumstances suggest otherwise.

With the world descending into chaos around them, Meryn and Jesse face the greatest barrier to their love yet — a barrier that may prove too strong to breach.

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Sara  Davison  -  headshot  1

Sara Davison is the author of the romantic suspense novels The Watcher and The Seven Trilogy. She has been a finalist for eight national writing awards, including the Word Award for Best New Canadian Christian author, a Carol, and two Daphne duMaurier Awards, and is a Word and Cascade Award winner. Sara has a degree in English Literature and currently resides in Ontario, Canada with her husband Michael and their three children, all of whom she (literally) looks up to.  

CONNECT WITH SARA: website | Facebook | Twitter</ a>

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