January 20, 2012

Holy rusted metal, Batman!!

I just read Divergent by Veronica Roth in two days (thank you potty training child who gave me the time to read) and I just have to say, WOW!!

I've heard so many good things about this book every where. I started looking for this book in mid December and couldn't find it in store at all. I finally ordered and waited for it so show up and it did, finally! Yay!

The book is set in set in Chicago in the future. The society is broken up into factions and each faction cultivates a certain virtue. There is Candor, they are the honest. Abnegation is the selfless. The Dauntless, are the brave. Amity are the peaceful and finally there is the Erudite, the intelligent.

In the year when a person turns sixteen, they are asked to pick what faction they want to join after a test they are to take. They either stay in their faction or move on to a new one and leave their family behind and move on to a new life. And in this time, you are only to be able to fit one of these factions. To not fit into just one but many, you are Divergent and that is a hazardous thing to be.

I don't want to give to much away to the people who haven't read this story.

It's a story of a girl trying to find out who she is and the strength she has. And the story drags you in and keeps you thinking about it. The choices you make and where those choices lead you. As it says on the front of the book, "One choice can transform you."

Beatrice is a character I like. She doesn't seem strong in the beginning, just reaching for it, but she realizes it's been there and grows with it. She grows through the book in many areas. The characters are written so well, that you like who she does and hate who she hates. I can not wait for the second book in the series Insurgent, that comes out this year. If you liked the Hunger Games, you will LOVE Divergent! It is a definite, to read!

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