Daughter of Smoke and Bone

January 14, 2012

I follow some message boards and I kept seeing this book mentioned and quite a few people say that they really enjoyed it. So I picked up Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor. I will say right now, I don't know much about it other then it has had a lot of good things said about it. I will let you know what I think when I'm done with it.

The cover is unique and I will admit even if I hadn't heard about the book, the cover would have made me stop to pick it up.

When I first started reading Daughter of Smoke and Bone, I was a bit apprehensive. For one thing, the language and the push in the story to make it seem dark. It seemed like the first few chapters were trying to show the main character Karou as dark, close to goth, but not quite. Second, the names. Yes, the book is set in Prague for some of it, but really, if the names aren't normal, you will lose some of my interest. Trying to read a weird name over and over again, takes away from the story for me, because I keep questioning myself if I'm pronouncing it right.

The book has a Romeo and Juliet feel about it. Two "people" ( I use "" since this is a supernatural story of Angles and Demons that takes place on Earth) who are complete opposite fall for each other. A raging battle between their kind has been going on for a thousand years, but they question it. They meet and have a fight, really a small battle. The girl leaves to go heal, the guy goes back to his place, and can't stop thinking of the girl he almost killed and sets off to find her. He finds her, they fight, she wins this time and feels bad and their relationship blooms from there.

When I say that the book is over Angles and Demons, it's not in the Biblical since. So, cast that out of your head because, this is a mythical world where Angles are from their own world that is parallel to ours in away, or another layer of worlds where the Demons got sick of the Angles rule, hence the war. There is no God, just godstars that created the Angles. And the demons are similar to how the Egyptian gods looked. Part human, part animal or several different parts of animal meshed together. There are people who are dealers/traffickers who are wanting to acquire wishes. So they procure the payment needed to recive their wishes they want, but have to be careful in how they wish since the wishes are dark magic.

A question I have to writers now is, since when is stalking ok?Is it a law in the supernatural world that it is ok to break into a person's house and watch that person sleep or follow the person around? I'm sorry, in my world if you stalk me and I wake up to find you in my house, don't be surprised if you have a 9mm pointed at you. Stalking is not romantic. It is creepy and illegal. And could get you killed. I don't get this in books now. Then the girl ends up not having an issue with it, really? That drives me batty!

This book is the first in a series. The story was interesting, I will say, but I don't think I will read it again with so many things that just irked me. I will probably read the rest of the series as it comes out, but for me Not to read.

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