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January 25, 2012

A book rant of sorts.

I've been having issues with finding books lately. I will see books on the shelf and the cover catches my eye, and I make a mental note on it for later. Well, when I'm able to go look for the book to buy, I've been having issues finding it in store to get. Not just Target or Walmart either, but Barnes and Noble. And with the closing of Borders, there are no close bookstores anymore, the two closest Barnes and Nobles are each thirty minutes away.

This first happened with Divergent, now it's happening with Matched. Shortly after I started looking for it to read, I saw it was being put out there on several message boards about how people like it.

Well, darn! Not that it is good, just that it now makes it difficult for me to get my hands on. I'm an impatient person and like to have my book in my hands when I pay for it, sad I know. But it looks like I will be going by way of order my books from now on, online. It will save the hassle of driving around looking for it and my frustration of not finding it.

And yes, I'm really liking the Dystopian type books. So if anyone has any more recommendations, pass them on.

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