The Hunger Games

January 29, 2012

The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. I'm on my 4 or 5 re-read of this series. I figured with the movie coming out in March, I better brush up on the story again.

This is a story, I can re-read easily. This has fast become a staple in my yearly TBR pile. When I first read the Hunger Games two years ago. I honestly didn't know what to think. I read the synopsis, and it intrigued me. Then I started reading it, with high hopes from all the praise I had read about it. In all honesty, the first chapter made me stumble. We see Katniss, talking about her life in the Seam. Ok, it's dark and dirty and you're not allowed to do anything, but you do any way. You hear about her troubled family like and her mother's bouts of depression and Katniss's anger.

As you read though, you feel Katniss's devotion to her little sister. Her constant desire to protect her no matter what. fast forward to the reaping. Prim, Katniss's sister is called and Katniss, is willing to sacrifice herself to become a tribute to save her sister. I was hooked as soon as chapter 1 ended. I saw then what drew everyone to the book.

America has fallen and what remains of the land is now called Panem and there are 12 districts and they are more of prisons made by the capitol to help keep the people in as slave labor, while the people of the capitol live off the hard work of these districts.

At one time, there was an uprising, but the capitol crushed it and to show their true dominants over the people of Panem They started the Hunger Games. Two tributes between the ages of 12 and 18, one boy and one girl will be chosen in a reaping and sent to the capitol to fight to the death with the other districts tributes. 24 enter the arena and only one will come out the victor. The people of Panem are forced to watch their children fight and die by order of the capitol. It's all that these people have known for the last 73 years. The Hunger Games is set right before the reaping of the 74 Hunger Games.

Suzanne Collins puts such a wonderful spin on the ancient Roman games that they watched in the Coliseum in ancient times. It's a riveting read and so hard to put down. You become emotionally attached to characters, and several times, I remember, my jaw dropped at the turn of events in the story.

The Hunger Games is a to read! for me. And I can not wait for the movie!

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