A Kiss for Cade

July 27, 2012

After finishing a big series, I figured it would be good to read something a little lighter. I picked out of my TBR pile A Kiss for Cade by Lori Copeland. I've always have liked Lori Copeland's books and this one is another to add to the list.

Zoe has been widowed for a year and she suddenly losses her best friend and her friends husband to a sudden illness. Zoe, takes in her friend's kids and waits to hear from her friend's brother, whom Zoe wired to return to town. She didn't want to wire him, but did anyway since it was her friend's last wish.

Cade shows up a week after his sister and brother-in-law have been buried. He learns from Zoe, that his sister placed him in charge of setting up a permanent home for the kids, much to Zoe's heartbreak. Zoe, makes it known that she would love to care for the kids and Cade can just leave town and leave her alone. Zoe can't fathom why her friend would want her brother to see over the kids since he had been away from town for 15 years.

It is a story of forgiveness, releasing past burdens and love, with a smidgen of humor. Lori Copeland has a way to let the story flow and not bash you over the head with everything from the past. Secrets are revealed and they make you finally see why the character is that way.

To read!

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