Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

July 22, 2012

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows by J.K. Rowling...the end has come at last (again).

J.K. Rowling, has proven herself to be a true author, she has no problem shattering emotions of her readers as she kills characters that we have come to love and enjoy reading about. Yes, I'm going to talk about all of them.

The death toll is high in this book.
1. Hedwig, Harry's owl, right off the bat, this poor bird is killed. Only 50 pages in!

2. Mad Eye Moody, no amount of constant vigilance could have helped him with a killing curse to his face flying on a broom.

3. Dobby! Dobby! Not the most awesome elf! Watching it in the movie was just as bad. Dobby was a free elf.

4. Wormtail...although I will say, I'm glad he is gone the sniveling coward. Poetic justice in how he went really.

5. Fred, right after he reconciled with his brother, he died with his last laugh on his face. I was with Ron on this one wanting to kill the rest of the death eaters. He was a part of of one of the best duo's out there.

6. Lavender Brown, she was annoying in the Half Blood Prince, but it was sad she had die by Greyback.

7. Tonks...really!? She just had a baby!

8. Lupin!! Come on!!! Really?! Yes, I get the symbolism that their baby lost both his parents like Harry did, but come on! All of Harry's parent's close friends are dead.

9. Collin Creevy. The kid who looked up to Harry Potter since he started at Hogwarts. He stayed behind even though too young and fought.

10. Snape. He died a way no man should have. Harry thought so even before he was able to see the mind of the man he didn't know.

11. Bellatrix, I was so glad that this sadistic women got it and I was so glad to see Mrs. Weasly do it. She went mamma bear on her.

12. Voldemort, finally! After 7 books, his faulty thinking of superiority, he dies by is own curse rebounding like it did 17 years before when trying to kill Harry as a baby.

So much is revealed in this book. Hallows, Snape's background, Dumbledore's background, and what all a friendship can put up with.

Harry, Hermione, and Ron set off like the 3 musketeers in this book. The escape a wedding invaded by Death Eaters, then escape an ambush attack in the muggle world. They infiltrate the Ministry of Magic that has been taken over by Voldemort and look for Horcruxes. Even though tension rises over a time of about a 100 pages, there is strife, but they end up stronger after everything is said and done.

Questions arise over the life of Dumbledore, and Harry questions if Dumbledore really cared for him or if he was just a pawn in a huge game Dumbledore had been playing for decades. Secrets of Dumbledore's family are revealed in a new book published after his death. His connection to a dark wizard he had battle years before are questioned. For a while, it looks like Dumbledore is the opposite of who we think he is. Thankfully we find out, that what was his weakness in his youth, he recognizes and tries to avoid as an adult, with difficulty at times. He is not the perfect person we have come to see him as. He is normal with faults life everyone.

Snape, the one who you truly want to loath, only to find out he always had loved Harry's mom since they were kids. Turned against Voldemort and worked as a spy to help the Order and to watch after Harry. He helped Dumbledore and lived with guilt over his actions that led to Lily's death. He wanted to preserve what was left of Lily (Harry) for her and didn't want anyone to know. It makes you question everything you read about him in the past. It opens your eyes to the actions he makes in the previous books and makes you go, Ahhh! That is why.

And we're fully introduced to the Hallows, even though, we've been aware of one through this whole story. Harry's invisibility cloak. Such a small thing, but important nothing less. Dumbledore's wand, the Elder Wand and the Resurrection Stone. The one who can posses all three, can be the master of death. Harry and Dumbledore both possessed all three. However, Dumbledore suffered and his old fault flared which caused him not to be able to hold them. Harry however, who was selfish, could use them all to help him in his quest.

This series just blooms before your eyes as you read. It is a story that is full of information that you need to pay attention too and many twists involved.

This is a to read! I might have to go back and re-read the ending again tonight. It feels like it ends so quickly it's hard to savor it.

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