Outlaw's Bride

July 30, 2012

Upon finishing one book by Lori Copeland, I went right on into another one, Outlaw's Bride. It's apart of the Western Sky series and the first of the series...oops! It didn't matter however. The character's in this story are different from A Kiss for Cade.

This was another good, quick, light read. It sticks to the same principles as A Kiss for Cade, some light humor, forgiveness and redemption.

Outlaw's Bride seems to jump the gun for the story. In the beginning, the two main character's do not know each other, and their relationship builds through the book. So, you know the outcome by the title of the book.

Lori Copeland, in this story has her main lead male character put into a program that is similar to today's probation system, since the judge believed that he might be telling the truth about being innocent of his conviction, even through there is no proof. Upon reading how these character's work with it, there are similarites to how the probation system started. (It's a long history actually, but I'm not wanting to talk about that now, I don't want to put y'all to sleep. Goodness knows it almost did for me when I read about it.) Anyway, aspects were taken from the history and applied it into this story, as the story grew, the probation waned a bit with the character of the male lead starting to come through.

All in all it was a good story. It seemed to move a bit fast in the pacing a little bit, but it didn't distract from the story. To read.

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