2013 in Review: Not Too Read

December 29, 2013

The end of the year is here! How crazy is that? I honestly can't believe how quickly this year has gone by. With 2013 closing out and we're about to welcome in 2014, it's time to look at how 2013 went.

2013 in review is going to take about 4 posts to get through it all. I've divided it into 3 sections: Not Too Read, They Tried, and Too Read (2 Parts) .

I'm going to knock the Not Too Read out first, then move on from there. It's been a great year of reading. Even though they all were 5/5, I was able to discover new/new me authors and be introduced to new writing styles and ideas.

I had to deal with a few books that were hard to get through and it was hard to find anything positive about them. Thankfully, they were few and far between, but there were a few.

Not Too Read:
 Winter in Full Bloom by Anita Higman
Skull Creek Stakeout by Eddie Jones
Aquifer by Jonathan Friesen
The Seventh Blessing by Melissa Buell

I tried to enjoy them, but I just couldn't click with them in some sort of fashion. They may not be for me, but someone else out there might enjoy them.

Coming up soon, They Tried, But Didn't Make the Cut...

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