An Echo in the Bone

May 8, 2013

I finally finished An Echo in the Bone by Diana Gaboldon. This one dragged a bit in some places, so it was a little easier to set down for periods of time. And April was a busy time, so there were several days where I was unable to read.

We are back again with Jaime and Claire. On the brink of the American Revolution. And with the knowledge that Claire, Bre, and Roger had. Jamie knew where he wanted to be, and it went against most of his people.

Roger, Bre, Jemmy, and Mandy are back to present time, in the 1980's, and they are living in Fraser's old house. They bought it with the money they had waiting for them, and set their family up in Scotland. Mandy was able to get the much needed heart surgery, so she is now a feisty little toddler/preschooler running round.

The way that Diana Gaboldon was able to mesh the two time periods worked well. She was able to make it flow from one era to another with a very smart trick. Jamie and Claire started to write letters to Bre, Roger, and the kids and they had them sealed into a special box. The box was found when Bre and Roger moved into the house in Scotland.

There is also a new perspective in this book. Instead of being a minor charcter that has just been talked about till this point, we now get a glimpse into William Ransom's head (aka Jamie's illegitimate son). Everyone knows who he is, but William. It is his parts of the book that dragged for me. I don't know if it was the fact, he was so minor before, or he just seemed boring to everyone else.

Claire and Jamie leave the Ridge. They are bound and determined to get to Scotland again and get Jamie's printing press and bring it back to America to set up a business. However, in typical Jamie and Claire style, many bumps in the road come about. Some are pretty interesting and intense.

However, the most interesting storyline in this book was Ian. Ian, has been haunted for a few books, and we finally get a bit of a closure for him. And we see more of his back story with his Indian wife. But, his story is far from happy, he is perused and haunted for vengeance. And how that came about, had me floored! The twists and turns in this series keeps you wanting to read and I love it!

This one, like I said dragged a bit more then the others, but as a whole, it's still a too read! I also can't wait till December with Written in my Own Hearts Blood is finally released! I'm ready for answers!

And all of the books out to date...the total pages that have been read for this series is as follows... 7,957. Even though I haven't read many books these last few months, I think the page count makes up for it.

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