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May 29, 2013

Tell us all the reasons why you love classic literature. What are your favorite classics? If you could give a list of classics to someone who claims to hate them to make them change their mind, what would be on it? How would you convince them to give classics a try? And why do you keep coming back to those old favorites?

I love classic literature because it's my link to my grandpa, he passed away 15 years ago. As a kid, he would take me to the book store and while he shopped, he told me I could pick out any book I want. I would go and look at books, but couldn't decide. So, he would come over and look for a little bit and picked something out for me. It was from the classics section in the Kid/YA department. I was a late reader, I have dyslexia, but my grandpa wanted the help my reading, since he loved it so much. So, he got me started on Little Women. I read through Little Woman, then I continued reading through the rest of Louisa May Alcott's books. As I got older, I dove into Gone with Wind, Pride and Prejudice and others.

The List I would give would start off with Little House, from there, Gone with the Wind, I tell people who love the movie, you will love the book even more! There is so much that was left out. I was shocked. I would suggest Little Women. I'm cautious with Jane Austen, because it has been hit or miss with me.

I keep coming back to the classics because their are so many memories wrapped up in them. It's comfort.


  1. Do you have any of your grandpa's books? That would be so cool. I have some of my grandma's. She also influenced me in some of my reading. I love that ended up with some of her books.

    1. Hi Suey! I do actually. :-) I have several of his books. That's wonderful your grandma was such an influence in your reading.


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