Honor's Pledge

May 26, 2013

After having read a so-so book, I thought it was time to read one I knew I liked, but haven't read in years. So, I went box diving and came up with Honor's Pledge by Kristen Heitzmann.

I first read this book when it came out, back in the mid to late 90's and I have liked it since I've first read it. The story follows Abigail Martin, Abbie to everyone, in her life on the Colorado frontier. The story starts off right before she turns 18. She is the youngest child in her family and lives with her parents on their farm.She is independent and loves the open space.

She has grown up with with Blake McConnell, one of her closest friends, his family settled with Abbie's family in the same area at the same time. And Blake feels that he has a right to protect Abbie when Montgomery Ferrel moves to a section of land close to Abbie and her family. Blake isn't thrilled when Abbie sticks up for Monte. He will set out for some distant gold fields to try to stake a claim and make himself more appealing to Abbie.

Montgomery Ferrel is a transplant from the South, trying to cultivate some land that his father had purchased before the Civil War. He is the picture of southern gentility. He finds the protectiveness of Blake over Abbie, funny, but he enjoys Abbie's company. He likes how strong Abbie is and independent. He soon falls for her and makes a pledge to Abbie, before he is called back home to settle affairs at home. Certain circumstances come up in his visit, and he has to break his pledge to Abbie to fulfill his pledge to a family he made when he was 15 during war.

 Cole Jasper was a trail boss who drove a herd of cattle to Montgomery Ferrel's new ranch and was then hired on to be the foreman to the new ranch. He isn't sophisticated like Montgomery Ferrel, but he is smart and truthful. Cole helps Abbie out of a tough situation and a friendship of sorts starts among them.

I enjoy the way Kristen Heitzmann rights, unlike several other authors I've read, she's not afraid to kill characters off, and she shows a story where, even though a person is Christian, life isn't going to go smoothly. There will be hard times and you don't know why waves of grief keep hitting, but you will pull out of it stronger and wiser. Too Read!

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